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Doom 32X went through a large amount of changes during its development cycle. This table below will list the changes throughout each of the known 16 prototypes and the final build. These include the post release Doom RR Prototypes for a cancelled re-revision of 32X Doom. The numbers are the build dates. For example 090694 means September 6, 1994.

Development Change Timeline
090694 Prototype
  • Earliest Build known to public currently.
  • Contains textures and level geometry from the PC version still
  • Fullscreen
  • Level 3's secret exit sends the player to Level 4 instead of the secret Military Base Level
  • No sound or music
  • Menu that doesn't work properly.
  • Pausing the game is impossible.
  • More detailed HUD with Ammo listing like in the PC version. Doomguy is not animated. Ammo listing also seems to not be functioning.
  • Inconsistent framerate. Tends to jump around a lot.
  • Menu number pallete is Red instead of Pink like the final's
  • ROM size is 4MB, the Maximum file size for the Genesis and 32X cartridge data without bank switching.
  • ROM header says "MARS SAMPLE PROGRAM". Mars was the 32X's prerelease codename. Many Sega consoles in the 90's had a planet codename while being developed.
  • The game freezes as soon as the end switch for level 5 is pressed making only five levels playable by normal means.
090994 Prototype
  • Not many changes from last build.
  • Still fullscreen and menus not functioning.
  • Fatal bug involving weapon hit particles. If multiple particles hit a wall, the game freezes. The shotgun does not produce particles when fired at a wall.
  • Menu still not functioning. As with last build, it will pop up if start is pressed. The menu also has a password option added that doesn't work as well.
  • Pausing the game is still impossible.
  • Still no sound
  • A very early (and possibly better) version of "At Doom's Gate" plays through the entire prototype during gameplay.
  • Military Base not accessible and the player is warped to Level 4 instead.
  • This is the last build to feature PC version textures and geometry. Also the last build to be in fullscreen.
  • ROM size has dropped to 3.71MB.
  • Game still freezes at the end of level 5.
091494 Prototype
  • Screen size reduced dramatically. Border used for the game's window is different from the final's.
  • Warp to Military Base functioning now but the level file doesn't exist yet resulting in an error to be displayed. The Level is listed internally as Map25.
  • Level geometry and textures simplified greatly.
  • The music from last build is disabled. Engine seems to have been possibly rebuilt.
  • Last build to feature the old HUD.
  • Framerate now at a consistent level.
  • ROM size is now 3.58MB.
  • Game still freezes and crashes when level 5 is completed but now an error is displayed.
091694 Prototype
  • HUD changed to the final version. Doomguy is finally animated.
  • When player activated god mode cheat,HUD will show wrong face,STFST11 instead of STFGOD0.
  • When player is dead,HUD will show wrong face,STFST10 instead of STFDEAD0.
  • When player will have 1-19% health,HUD will show wrong faces,STFST0* instead of STFST4*.
  • Military Base map still not added, resulting in the "Map 25 Not found" error mentioned previously.
  • Only episode 1 maps seems to appear in this prototype,finishing Phobos Anomaly will display error "I_Error:W_GetNumForName: MAP09 not found!"
  • Music renabled.
  • ROM size has bounced back up to 4MB.
  • First build to have the proper ROM header of "DOOM".
  • The game crashes when level 5 is completed still with the error screen.
092194 Prototype
  • Military Base map now exists. The fences around the small building in the center of the main intersection have no walls but it is still blocking the player. Beating Military Base strangely warps the player to Fortress of Mystery. However, the words "now entering Level 3" are displayed. This is because Military Base is listed as Level 25 internally, whilst Fortress of Mystery is Level 26. In the final game, Military Base is Level 24 internally and Fortress of Mystery (renamed to Dis) is Level 23.
  • During intermission screen HUD showing random numbers.
  • Only 5 episode 2 maps seems to be finished.
  • Choosing Level 6-10 in main menu warps player to map with next number(for example,choosing Level 7 will start Level 8).
  • Choosing Level 12 will warp player to Military Base.
  • Choosing Level 13 will warp player to Fortress of Mystery.
  • Choosing Level 14 and Level 15 will warp player to Hangar.
  • Picking up berserk,radiation suit and invulnerabillity doesn't change screen color.
  • Refinery starts behing blue key door.
  • Starting Refinery through main menu causes game to crash.
  • Deimos Lab starts in circular room.
  • Starting Deimos Lab by warp cheat causes game to crash.
  • Starting Command Center by warp cheat or finishing Deimos Lab causes game to crash.
  • Fortress of Mystery map in this prototype seems to be original PC version of this map,lava pit with water square and soulsphere inside,smaller rooms with skull keys,all of this is still here.
  • Finishing Fortress will warp player to map27,causing game to crash.
  • Something causes missile-type things to randomly freeze,happened with BFG ball (stuck at first frame during explosion),cacodemon ball (stuck while flying)and rocket (stuck at second frame during explosion).
  • This build runs absurdly fast making Doomguy difficult to control at times.
  • Menus finally work and adjusted to the final's.
  • ROM size has dropped again. This time to 3.34 MB
092394 Prototype
  • Final version music implemented. Sound effects still missing.
  • Fortress of Mystery now correctly displays "Now Entering Level 26".
  • Military Base and Fortress of Mystery don't seem to have any real music. Instead it seems to be a bunch of random sounds. It is possible that this was a music track but got corrupted for some reason. Of course, it may just be garbage sound.
  • Picking up berserk,radiation suit and invulnerabillity still doesn't change screen color.
  • Screen border changed to the final version.
  • Player start coordinates on Refinery and Deimos Lab maps has been fixed.
  • Game speed issue from last build fixed.
  • Fortress of Mystery has been simplified to the limits of console,but is still impossible to complete because the game doesn't register the player as having the blue key, even after collecting it,monsters however can open these doors.
  • Finishing Fortress of Mystery still warps player to map27 and crashes the game.
  • Copyright screen and Logo screen now appear before the main menu like in the final.
  • ROM size at 3MB now. The same as the final.
092594 Prototype
  • Military Base now dumps the player in Level 4 like it is supposed to.
092794 Prototype
  • First build with sound effects.
  • Sound effects tend to cancel each other out. This is noticeable especially in the chaingun and monster death cries.
  • The screwed up music in Military Base is removed and now the level has no music.
  • Military Base is now listed as level 24, indicating a level was removed or that Military Base was moved up one slot in the internal data.
  • The demo that plays on the main menu behaves oddly. the player spins 360 degrees non-stop.
092894 Prototype
  • "I'm too Young to Die" can freeze the game if selected on the main menu.
  • Not much else has been fixed or tweaked since the previous day's build above.
100294 Prototype
  • This build's console region setting is European. This may mean Sega of America was testing the performance on European consoles.
  • Military Base is no longer accessible if the player selects level 3 from the main menu. It can only be played if the game is played from Level 1 just like the Final.
  • Military Base is now Map 17 like the final and it now has actual music.
  • The sound cancelling out has been fixed. The Chaingun now sounds like it does in the PC version. Monster death sounds also had this issue last build and it is now fixed.
100894 Prototype
  • Pretty close to the final. Last Prototype build available to the public from pre-release currently.
Final This is the Final version.
120194 Prototype
  • Unknown what this is as the 32X version was released a few weeks before this build. Seems to be the start of a revision that was never finished. More research is needed though for differences. Unlike the previous prototypes (final version doesn't count.) it seems the same as the final but is dated after the official release (November 21, 1994).
021595 (Doom RR Prototype)
  • Being dated after the Final, this prototype doesn't feature any differences. Unlike the last post release prototype, this one goes by a separate name, Doom RR. What RR actually stands for isn't currently known but it may mean rerevision perhaps. Needless to say, no Doom RR was released. More research is needed regarding differences.
022195 (Doom RR Prototype)
  • More research is needed regarding differences.
030795 (Doom RR Prototype)
  • More research is needed regarding differences. This is the very last Doom 32X prototype known to the public at this time. Presumably, the game contains the most improvements in this build.