Doom 3: Mr. Smiley Head's Safari


Doom 3: Mr. Smiley Head's Safari is a hacked modification of Doom released in 1995 by Impact Software.

The game is tangled together into the original DOOM.WAD itself, making it illegal to distribute, not only that, but it also contains copyrighted sounds and imagery referencing various pop cultures such as Power Rangers and Aliens, in addition to that all the non-finale maps are stolen and are modified to add huge and unnecessary amounts of enemies, most of the total 27 maps are simply from Heroes and Maximum Doom.


Main menu screen of Doom 3: Mr. Smiley Head's Safari. The player is under the effects of invulnerability. The mod also includes a custom status bar and new face graphics.
The ENDOOM screen of Doom 3: Mr. Smiley Head's Safari.

Alongside the usage of an illegal WAD, Mr. Smiley Head's Safari was originally released with a hardcoded custom version of the shareware release of DOOM.EXE version 1.2 utilizing a binary patch embedded in the executable, called DM3_EXV1.EXE.

At the loading sequence, the following text is displayed:

DOOM3: Mr. Smiley Heads Safari V1.2

This Game is based on the ass Kicken engine ID software made. We totally made it super Ass Kicken. You''ll not get tech support 4 DOOM3. Have Fun!


DM3_EXV1.EXE was used in conjunction with the supplied modified DOOM.WAD to pass off as its own unique game despite the multitude of illegal resources used and would not run without the combination of these two files. It carries a timestamp of June 4, 1995.

In 2006 a "legalized" version (called 6.0) appeared that wrote out the changes made in the original release to an equivalent DeHackEd patch and which removed the illegal executable, making this part of the release legal to distribute.

Sprites and graphics[edit]

The game contains new sprites and graphics by Impact Software, made in Microsoft Paint with the lack of any shading and very simple things being drawn. There is no special editing in this besides maps, graphics and sounds, meaning that messages are still in their original form from Doom, and the automap names remain unchanged from their Doom counterparts as well.

Doom Doom 3: Mr. Smiley Head's Safari
Zombieman Michael Jackson
Shotgun guy Safari guard
Imp Gray mutant imp
Lost soul Pac-man
Demon Barney the dinosaur
Spectre Barney the dinosaur
Cacodemon Eyeball
Baron of Hell Billy Cranston from Power Rangers
Cyberdemon Snowman
Spider Mastermind with buggy looking firing
Fist Baseball bat
Chainsaw Electric toothbrush
Pistol Sideways-held pistol
Chaingun Gatling gun
Rocket launcher Chicken rocket launcher
Plasma gun Fire spray
BFG9000 Big chicken
Box of bullets "Happy Bullets" labeled box
Rocket Small chicken
Box of rockets Box of small chickens
Energy cell Small smiley box
Energy cell pack Big smiley box
Health & Armor
Stimpack Smiley mug
Medikit Box of band aids
Armor Smiley shirt
Megaarmor Nike shoe
Armor bonus LA cap
Health bonus Coke can
Berserk Baseball bat
Supercharge Smiley
Computer area map Treasure map
Invulnerability "Cool" smiley mask
Light amplification visor Glasses
Partial invisibility Blinking smiley
Radiation suit Smiley radiation suit
Cards Keys
Skulls Smileys
Large brown tree with "AO+NBL" carved on it

There are also new and childish names for each map in the intermission screen such as "My right nut", "My left nut" and "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAggghh!!!!", plus new graphics for the title screen, the intermissions screens, the help screen, the ending screens and the ENDOOM screen.

Impact Software[edit]

Impact Software was a group of teenager hackers with this game being the only thing they've ever made, the credits in the game points out their names and professions as follows:

Main hacker/programmer/graphics designer/artist/sound and music compilation/debugger/beta tester/engine construction: Calvin Wong

Editor/hacker in chief: Ken Wu

Innovation/idea: Anthony Ong, Mike Tam, Jonathan Chang and John Wei

Doom 4: The Final Chapter[edit]

After beating the game there is an announcement for a sequel to be released in 1996; it was abandoned however and never finished.

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