Doom 3: Phobos


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The Arachnotron will make an appearance.
The new FCE Shotgun

Doom 3: Phobos is a Doom 3 modification being developed by Team Future. It has been in development since 2004. Episode 1 was released on December 3, 2018, and episode 2 on September 27, 2020.


In the first episode, you wake up inside a repurposed apartment in Mars City. You do not recall how you got there or any specifics about your person. You soon meet Samantha Miles, an agent of a sketchy world-wide conglomerate, who claims to know you. While she helps you with your identity, you aid her in the quest to find a long lost friend and missing agent. When the original events of Doom 3 unfold, the two of you must scramble for safety while still tracking down the missing agent and your identity.


Doom 3: Phobos will contain:

  • Improved Doom 3 assets
  • New monsters
  • New shotgun
  • The FCE (Federal Commonwealth of Earth), alongside UAC
  • Realistic story elements
  • Revised and enhanced gameplay
  • Non-linear level design


The mod is currently only functional with the original executable, but porting to Dhewm3 has been mooted pending the mod's completion.

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