Doom 3: Phobos


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The Arachnotron will make an appearance.
The shotgun from the Alpha version of Doom 3 will be present.

Doom 3: Phobos is a Doom 3 modification being developed by Team Future. It has been in development since 2004.


The portal was closed. Hell was defeated. Wasn't it? The stricken plains of Mars were only the beginning. Now, the second wave is coming, a hellish onslaught originating from the dimensional gateway hidden within the Martian moon of Phobos. Discover the extent of the UACs plans for teleportation technology, battle against impossible odds to escape the haunted Mars base, and race to reach the secret Phobos Labs, where science has infringed on the dimensional boundaries of the universe.


Doom 3: Phobos will contain:

  • 3 new episodes
  • Dynamic soundtrack
  • Improved Doom 3 assets
  • New monsters
  • The FCE (Federal Commonwealth of Earth), alongside UAC.
  • Realistic story elements
  • Revised and enhanced gameplay
  • Non-linear level design

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