Doom 3 alpha version


Logo used in the Doom 3 alpha, bearing significantly more resemblance to the classic Doom logo.

A work-in-progress alpha version of Doom 3 called the "E3 Demo Alpha" was leaked to the Internet some time in November 2002.[1] A scripted sequence of play through this demo was used to show off the game at that year's E3 conference, and it was not intended to represent a playable product. As with most video games, this early version differed from the final retail release in many significant aspects.


Differences from release include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Graphics for the heads-up display (HUD).
  • Models for the weapons and enemies.
  • Sound effects for the atmosphere, enemies, and weapons.

Some of the weapons were based on models from Quake III Arena. The three levels included are early designs of maps that are included in the final game.


Based on an early concept of the recycling plant. The Marine discovers the consequences of the Delta Labs experiment gone wrong.
A mix of areas and designs from the EnPro facility and the CPU complex. The player must get past the commandos and replace the extraction canister. The door code is 924.
An early version of the Alpha Labs with influences of sectors 1 and 3. It ends with the Hell knight eating the Marine's head. It is thought that this would have been changed into a boss battle for the end of Alpha Labs, but this concept was later moved into the Delta complex.
The introductory movie, which is actually a map. It depicts early versions of Mars City and Delta Labs.
An empty box with a few lights


12 weapons are in the Alpha. The pistol, shotgun and machine gun closely resemble the final version while others are either from Quake 3 or crash the game. In this version, the pistol and machine gun use the same ammo, as in classic Doom. The weapons are:


On the Mars Research Facility, a scientist walks between a couple of guards. He goes to the communications room and says that the stabilization field has a problem. Another scientist says that there is nothing to worry about. Moments later, the base shakes. The Delta teleporter fails and opens a gateway to Hell. Many lost souls come from the gateway. Two lost souls transform the Mars-Sec troops, one of whom has his skin turn green and his eyeballs explode. They mutate into Z-Secs and run amok. An imp is shown watching a corridor, an image of a man trapped, and a pentagram appears. After that, the marine comes from an elevator. He goes around the area killing the transformed personnel. Moments later, a Hell knight appears. The marine hides and the Hell knight does not notice him. The marine goes to the upper levels and is attacked by a pinky. After shooting it down, he spots some more powerful transformed commandos. He kills many of them and goes upstairs to the Alpha Labs. Seeing the corpse of a janitor, he goes to a service, and sees a Pinky eating another janitor. He kills the Pinky and the still-alive janitor. He then is attacked by many Imps.

As he is about to leave the Alpha Labs, he realizes that the exit is blocked. The marine turns around and sees a Hell knight is directly behind him. The Hell knight crushes the marine, then rips off his head and eats it.


The bathroom scene in open in the Alpha editor
An early version of Doom 3 Radiant is included with the alpha. It can be accessed by typing editor in the console or via the command line.




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