Doom 3 soundtrack


The Doom 3 soundtrack was composed by Tweaker, a band composed of Chris Vrenna (former drummer of Nine Inch Nails) and Clint Walsh. Trent Reznor was initially contacted for Doom 3's sound design, repeating the successful cooperation from Quake; however ultimately this deal fell through after Reznor had already produced several sounds which were used in early alpha versions of the game.

The soundtrack is mostly ambient, occasionally using melodic pieces to emphasize dramatic events during the game.

  1. Background Setup
  2. Doom 3 Theme
  3. Haunted Admin Office
  4. Alpha 1 Mag
  5. Coolantrod
  6. CPU
  7. Cyberdemon
  8. Guardian Intro
  9. Guardian Death
  10. Guilt
  11. GUI
  12. Hellknight
  13. Mars City Underground
  14. Monorail
  15. Bertrugerhead
  16. Cyberdeath
  17. Intro
  18. Start Rescue
  19. Scape 1
  20. Turkey
  21. Vagary Intro
  22. Vagary Fight
  23. Wounded
  24. Credits

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