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Doom 64: Official Game Secrets is a strategy guide book by Ian Osborne, Nick Roberts, and Jem Roberts. It was published by Prima Publishing as part of their Secrets of the Games series on May 14, 1997. It is a 95-page guide covering strategies and secrets for Doom 64, and is one of two such books for the game stated to be official or authorized by id Software (the other being the Authorized Guide to Doom 64).


"DOOM 64 can be described as 'THE definitive DOOM.' With 32 completely new levels, you'll need Prima's DOOM 64 Official Game Secrets to blast your way to gory glory! Inside you'll find:

• Maps and walkthroughs for every level—step by treacherous step
• Each weapon and secret item location revealed
• Details on the intense new weapons and monsters
• Comprehensive combat tips
Cheats, the history of DOOM, online connections, and more!

Hit the ground running with DOOM 64 Official Game Secrets. It's your only chance!"
― Publisher's description


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: You're Doomed!
    • Gameplay Basics
    • Fiend Folio: Details on monsters
    • Now Find the Ammo!
    • Power-Up!
  • Chapter 2: Walkthrough: Walkthroughs for levels 1 through 28.
  • Chapter 3: The Secret Levels: Walkthroughs for levels 29 through 32.
  • Cheats
  • Chapter 4: The Doom Story
  • Doom 64 Internet Sites


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Dewey Decimal 794.8/1
ISBN-10 ISBN 0761511083
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-0761511083
Library of Congress Classification GV1469.35.D68 O83 1997
Library of Congress Control Number 97065822
Open Library ID OL2761027W

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