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This article is about the 2020 re-release. For the original game, see Doom 64.
Steam title graphic for the Doom 64 re-release.

Doom 64 was officially re-released on PC, Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch on March 20, 2020, coinciding with the release of Doom Eternal.[1] The game was developed via cooperation between Bethesda Softworks, id Software, and Nightdive Studios, and uses a new version of the Doom64 EX codebase, re-developed using Nightdive's KEX 3 engine.[2] A Google Stadia release was added on May 12, 2020.[3] The game was added to the Microsoft Store for PC and to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service on March 12, 2021.[4] A GOG release was added on June 23, 2022.[5] An Epic Games Store release was added on August 18, 2022.[6]


The Lost Levels[edit]

  • Includes a new six-level episode, The Lost Levels, and one additional "Fun" level.

Added features[edit]

  • Support for arbitrary display resolutions including widescreen, ultra-widescreen, and 4K.
  • Achievements.
  • Ability to toggle between red and green blood, as originally featured in the 1997 Japanese release.
  • Localized text for English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.
  • Haptic rumble support for all platforms.
  • Motion control support for Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4.
  • Three-point texture filtering emulation.
  • Additional overall brightness setting alongside the game's original brightness setting. It applies an additive layer over the screen to increase the brightness even further.
  • Demos now sync, including the hidden Hectic demo and title map.
  • integration, allowing the unlocking of cosmetics in Doom Eternal (unlocks the "64 Pentagram" player icon and "MERCILESS EXTERMINATOR" player title).
  • Multi-line HUD message widget provides priority messages for secret areas, secret items, and the Demon Keys.

Other changes from Doom64 EX[edit]

  • Uses the newest version of the KEX Engine for its framework.
    • Shader pipeline-based renderer.
  • Mouse look and jumping removed with the goal of keeping the release as vanilla as possible.
  • The depth buffer is no longer used and instead now follows how the original game rendered the scene. Sprites will no longer be cut off by floors or walls depending on the order of subsector rendering. Additionally, sprites are now fragmented based on the subsectors they overlap.
  • Cloud rendering is now accurate.
  • The timings of some executed scripted events were off by one frame.
  • Non-player objects have slower gravity (they fall down 25% slower than the player).
  • The entire original collision detection is now retained; the broken 3D object clipping feature of EX was removed.
  • Projectiles fired from the player will immediately explode if the player is five or fewer units away from a wall.
  • Monsters are now able to trigger linedef specials flagged as "death triggers".
  • Logic for light strobing and glow effects corrected.
  • Logic for doors and platforms of type "RaiseToNearest" and "RaiseAndChange" now correctly move at half the speed.
  • Logic for perpetual platforms corrected.
  • Automap controls are now identical to the original game (hold use button to pan around).
  • Wave files are now used for sound effect playback instead of MIDI.
  • Uses the FMOD sound library rather than Fluidsynth, changing the sound font format from SF2 to DLS.


  • Medikits, stimpacks, and berserk power-ups are changed to feature a blue cross to comply with international treaties regarding the emblem of the Red Cross organization.
  • A trick known as the neutral reset, which was a way of resetting the neutral position on a Nintendo 64 controller, is not available in this version due to the fact it was a property of the controller's behavior and not part of the game's explicit coding.

Physical media[edit]

Limited Run Games produced physical collector's editions of this game for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, being sold in a period between September 2020 and October 25, 2020. The game was shipped to buyers in April 2021.

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