Doom 64 music


All the music in Doom 64 was composed by Aubrey Hodges. Levels marked with a dagger () are part of The Lost Levels expansion which is included with the 2020 re-release.

Track listing[edit]

Track name Levels Length
The Madness MAP01: Staging Area 17:00
Warped Hive MAP02: The Terraformer 08:48
MAP16: Blood Keep
MAP25: Cat And Mouse
Tortured Transmission MAP03: Main Engineering 09:21
MAP38: Thy Glory
Spaces Between MAP04: Holding Area 08:25
MAP32: Hectic
Hellistatic MAP05: Tech Center 14:51
MAP22: Burnt Offerings
MAP29: Outpost Omega
MAP40: Panic
Bleep Spawn MAP06: Alpha Quadrant 12:35
Relentless Coil MAP07: Research Lab 06:29
MAP23: Unholy Temple
The Damned MAP08: Final Outpost 08:35
Other Side Of Madness MAP09: Even Simpler 17:04
MAP35: Evil Sacrifice
Dark Echo MAP10: The Bleeding 08:41
MAP24: No Escape
MAP26: Hardcore
MAP39: Final Judgement
Aspects Of The Vile MAP11: Terror Core 08:21
MAP28: The Absolution
Lamentation Of The Forgotten MAP12: Altar Of Pain 05:31
MAP30: The Lair
Voices In The Blood MAP13: Dark Citadel 07:58
Chrystalline Chaos MAP14: Eye Of The Storm 05:26
Wait For It MAP15: Dark Entries 05:07
MAP36: Cold Grounds
Blood Red Shadows MAP17: Watch Your Step 07:24
MAP31: In The Void
Warped MAP18: Spawned Fear 08:01
MAP27: Playground
MAP37: Wretched Vats
Collision Course MAP19: The Spiral 17:58
MAP34: Plant Ops
The Rotted Foul MAP20: Breakdown 07:10
Perfect Hate MAP21: Pitfalls 08:36
Doom 64 Main Theme MAP33: Title 00:59
Doom 64 Main Menu Title screen 03:47
Doom 64 Stats Screen Intermission screen 02:18
Doom 64 Finale Text screen 04:36

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