Doom 9210


Doom 9210's launcher

Doom 9210 is a Doom port for the Nokia 9210 Communicator family which uses the Symbian OS v6.0 and Series 80 v1.0. It was made by British software corporation WildPalm. In contrast to its open source "competitor" CDoom, it has a sound support and the screen mode of 320 x 200 with duplicated pixels either on or off.

This port has some advanced features in it, e.g.

  • Select start mission - can be used to warp to any level in the game
  • Select game mode - the user can choose from
    • Standard - a normal game
    • Chainsaw Massacre - with the chainsaw at the start of the game
    • Killer Arsenal - all weapons at the start of the game
    • God Mode - invincibility
  • Advanced - a command line support

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