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A timeline of Doom Builder versions and forks.
Doom Builder 2 in classic edit mode.
Doom Builder 2 in 3D mode.

Doom Builder 2 is a Doom level editor with full support for Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen, Strife and all the popular source ports. Popular features include lots of customizability, prefabs, advanced drawing code, and a 3D mode which lets you browse and edit your textures, and align them, in real-time. A script editor is also included for engines that support scripting. This product is developed by Pascal "CodeImp" vd Heiden and is free software, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The project was first released in May 2009, as the latest update was released on June 1, 2012. It has been confirmed by CodeImp on Doomworld Forums that Doom Builder 2 is no longer in development, as stated in a post made on January 17, 2019[1].

Doom Builder 2 is a complete rewrite of Doom Builder, with no code in common.

Ultimate Doom Builder, along with its ancestry, received a Codeaward at the Cacowards in 2022.


Several forks of Doom Builder 2 exist:

  • Doom Builder X, created by anotak, a continuation of DB2, in design and spirit. Bugfixes, optimizations, and tweaks to keep DB2 up to date with new formats. It received the Codeaward at the 2018 Cacowards.
  • Doom Builder 64, created by Samuel Villarreal (Kaiser), supports mapping for the Doom 64 engine (both in Doom64 EX and the official remaster) but dropped compatibility with the other map formats.
  • Doom Builder M59, created by Daenks, is a port of Doom Builder to support .roo files as used in the MMO game Meridian 59.
  • GZDoom Builder, created by MaxED, is an extension of DB2 with support for many advanced ZDoom and GZDoom features, such as 3D floors, slopes, models, voxels, TEXTURES definitions, etc. It can still be used for non-ZDoom editing as well, with the appropriate configuration files, so it can be used as a complete replacement of the normal DB2.
    • 3DGE Builder, forked from GZDB, by Corbin Annis (Chu), is a modified version hacked to only support EDGE, vanilla, and Boom mapping. All other port capability, as well as all GZDoom-based functions and defs, have been stripped and are in the process of being fully replaced with languages and functions native to only 3DGE's advancements. The program is tailored to EDGE, but can still be used as a replacement to DB2 for vanilla and Boom mapping as those configs still exist. The program has the most recent version of glBSP for node building, as opposed to the other forks, built from EDGE's Git repo.
    • GZDoom Builder-Bugfix, forked from GZDB, offers continued maintenance and update after MaxED stopped working on GZDB.
    • Ultimate Doom Builder (UDB), forked from GZDB and created by ZZYZX, is the continuation of GZDoom Builder-Bugfix after the latter outgrew its original purpose of being a maintenance release. Boasting ZScript support, visual attenuated lights and spotlights support and Doom 64-style sector lighting support, UDB comes in a native 64-bit build with various bugfixes, several performance optimizations (courtesy of anotak), better Linux compatibility (courtesy of Magnus Norddahl (dpJudas) & Talon 1024) and 3D mode performance improvements.
      • As such, UDB requires more modern hardware than GZDB-Bugfix. It requires a graphics card that has at least OpenGL 3.3 support, unlike all other DB2 versions that rely on Direct3D.
      • Starting from UDB R3821, Ultimate Doom Builder supports DeHackEd, DEHEXTRA and DSDHacked in its editor.
    • GZDoom Builder M59 is a port of GZDoom Builder 2.3 to support .roo files as used in the MMO game Meridian 59. The majority of GZDoom Builder's features are supported and the port retains the ability to created standard Doom maps.
    • Zone Builder, forked from GZDB, is a modification tailored to the exclusive support of Sonic Robo Blast 2.

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