Doom Eternal cheat codes


The cheat selection menu.

Unlike previous games, the cheat codes of Doom Eternal are collectible items that must be discovered before they become usable. They appear as floppy disks with designs appropriate to their corresponding cheat.

To activate an unlocked code, choose the Mission Select option from the main menu and pick the desired codes from the "Cheat Codes" menu. Cheat codes can only be used on previously cleared missions and will hide Slayer Keys when active, but any other collectibles found with cheat codes active will still count towards game progression. While a cheat code is active, objects that would conflict with the cheat's function cannot be used (for example, runestones cannot be interacted with while the All Runes cheat is in effect).

Collecting every cheat code will unlock the ability to play the original Doom on the Slayer's computer in the Fortress of Doom. It will also complete the "Reforged the Genie Lamp" achievement and tick off its corresponding milestone.

Some cheat codes are only available in the main campaign due to their restricted applicability. The cheat selection menus for The Ancient Gods, Part One and Part Two do not include "All Runes", "IDKFA", "Fully Upgraded Suit", or "Berserk".

Cheats are not available when playing Master Levels or in Horde Mode.

List of cheat codes[edit]

Image Code Effects Level found
Infinite Lives cheat disk.jpg Infinite Extra Lives Gain unlimited extra lives. Hell on Earth
IDDQD cheat disk.jpg IDDQD Gain the effects of Sentinel armor for the entire mission, significantly reducing damage taken by the player. Cultist Base
Silver Bullet cheat disk.jpg Silver Bullet Mode Staggered enemies die instantly when hit by projectiles, explosions, the flame belch, or dashing. Doom Hunter Base
Infinite Ammo cheat disk.jpg Infinite Ammo All weapons have unlimited ammo, except for the Crucible (as of Update 2) and the Sentinel Hammer Super Gore Nest
IDKFA cheat disk.jpg IDKFA All weapons and equipment are unlocked and mastered. Not available in Part One or Part Two of The Ancient Gods, as all weapons and equipment are mastered by default. ARC Complex
Onslaught cheat disk.jpg Powerup Mode - Onslaught Gain an unlimited Onslaught effect for the entire mission, multiplying all damage inflicted by four. Mars Core
Overdrive cheat disk.jpg Powerup Mode - Overdrive Gain an unlimited Overdrive effect for the entire mission, giving unlimited ammo for most weapons (excluding the Crucible, BFG-9000, Unmaykr and Sentinel Hammer) and increasing the player's movement and weapon firing speeds. Taras Nabad
Famine cheat disk.jpg Famine Mode Demons will not drop health or armor on death, forcing the player to rely only on pre-placed pickups to survive. Completing a mission with this cheat (and no others) active awards the Hell on Earth podium and the "Master of Fasting" achievement. Nekravol
Party cheat disk.jpg Party Mode Destroying body parts and scoring lethal headshots will cause demons to burst into confetti. Nekravol - Part II
Instant Stagger cheat disk.jpg Instant Stagger Mode Demons are staggered instantly when hit by projectiles, explosions, the flame belch, or dashing. Does not work on bosses. Nekravol - Part II
Berserk cheat disk.jpg Powerup Mode - Berserk Gain an unlimited Berserk effect for the entire mission, allowing enemies to be killed bare-handed with one hit. Can only be used on the Hell on Earth, Exultia, Super Gore Nest, ARC Complex and Mars Core levels. Urdak
All Runes cheat disk.jpg All Runes Unlocks all runes. Not available in Part One or Part Two of The Ancient Gods, as all standard runes are unlocked by default. Fortress of Doom
Fully Upgraded Suit cheat disk.jpg Fully Upgraded Suit Unlocks all perks for the Praetor suit. Not available in Part One or Part Two of The Ancient Gods, as all suit perks are unlocked by default. Fortress of Doom
Quakecon cheat disk.jpg Quakecon Mode Hear fans cheer as you rip and tear! Unlocked after fully upgrading the Praetor suit


  • A slight bug noticed with the Berserk cheat is that it may play the animation of a chainsaw, but only on Mars Core.
  • The IDDQD and IDKFA cheat codes are named after their counterparts from the original Doom. The first code grants invulnerability, while the second code grants megaarmor along with all weapons, ammo and keys.