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Album artwork for the Original Game Soundtrack release.

The soundtrack of Doom Eternal was composed by Mick Gordon. It was designed to be a continuation of the soundtrack to the previous game, but also a sort of ancient, alien heavy metal album. Some songs feature lyrics in fictional languages (such as "kar en tuk", Argenta tongue for "rip and tear"), and a choir was gathered for the occasion, with an open call to heavy metal vocalists. The choir was recorded in March 2019.[1] Additional lyrics were performed by oktavist Eric Hollaway.[2]

Note that this article does not include information for music added in the downloadable content episodes, The Ancient Gods, Part 1 or Part 2. These should be covered in their own articles.

Original Game Soundtrack[edit]

The official original game soundtrack for Doom Eternal was released to Collector's Edition owners on April 18, 2020, and was originally planned to follow with streaming and download releases in the future, but these have still never materialized as of June 2022.[3] It features 59 tracks of remixed music from the game composed and arranged by Mick Gordon and id Software's Chad Mossholder with a total run time of 4 hours, 13 minutes and 40 seconds.

Track listing[edit]

Track Title Length Uses Notes
1 Hell On Earth 5:02 Hell on Earth Uses theme from "The Demons From Adrian's Pen" (Doom)
2 Cultist Base 5:32 Cultist Base
3 Blood Harvesting 3:36
4 Soul Extraction 7:51 Nekravol - Part II - Soul Spire
5 BFG Division 2020 4:46 Ripatorium Remastered version of "BFG Division" (Doom 2016)
6 Metal Hell 6:07 Nekravol - Part II - Soul Factory
7 Paradise Lost 3:47 Urdak Theme from "Residual" (Doom 2016) at 1:49
8 Urdak 4:45 Urdak Uses theme from "Residual" (Doom 2016) in-game only; does not occur on sound track.
9 The DOOM Hunter 5:08 Doom hunter boss battle
10 Infiltrate the Cult 4:52 Cultist Base
11 A Cultist Prayer 4:06 Cultist Base Uses percussion from "Countdown to Death" (Doom II)
12 Demonic Corruption 3:57
13 Maykr Drones 3:56 Urdak Uses theme from "Residual" (Doom 2016) at 2:45
14 The Khan Maykr (Chad Mossholder remix) 5:12 Interpolates theme from "Residual" (Doom 2016)
15 Deag Ranak 2:18 Doom Hunter Base
16 Mars Core 4:58 Mars Core - Lost City of Hebeth
17 Deag Nilox - First Priest Death 0:54 Hell on Earth - Hell barge
18 The Icon of Sin 5:36 Final Sin - Icon of Sin boss battle
19 Phobos Space 5:39 Mars Core - Phobos moon base
20 A Slayer City 3:27 Taras Nabad
21 The Super Gore Nest 5:11 Super Gore Nest
22 The Only Thing They Fear Is You 6:52 ARC Complex Uses themes from "Into Sandy's City" (Doom II); "Dr. Samuel Hayden" (Doom 2016)
23 Asteroids and Rockets 5:55 Mars Core
24 You Can't Just Shoot A Hole Into The surface of Mars 1:42 Mars Core
25 DOOM Hunted 4:26 Doom Hunter Base - Doom Hunter boss battle
26 Blood Sacrifice 3:35 Nekravol - Part II
27 Welcome Home Great Slayer 3:15 Sentinel Prime Remix of "Sign of Evil" (Doom)
28 Prayer of the Diminished 1:41 Hell on Earth - Demonic Citadel Choral remix of "Countdown to Death" (Doom II)
29 Gladiator Boss 4:53 Sentinel Prime - Gladiator battle
30 Beast of the Arena 1:45 Flashback cinematic
31 Fortress of Doom - Chad Mossholder 3:00 Fortress of Doom
32 Revenant Possession 0:46 Cultist Base
33 Usurper Gore 4:20 Super Gore Nest
34 Sinister 3:50 Cultist Base Choral remix of "Sinister" (Doom)
35 Super Shotgun Reunion 0:46 Cultist Base
36 The Baron of Hell 3:32
37 Doomed Hunter 3:16 Doom Hunter Base
38 Command and Control 5:06 Mars Core Uses theme of "BFG Division" (Doom 2016)
39 BFG 10k 2:55 Mars Core
40 Sam's Base 5:06 ARC Complex Uses theme from "Dark Halls" (Doom)
41 Phobos Base 3:31 Mars Core
42 Acquiring the BFG 3:48 Mars Core
43 Heart of the Beast 5:32 Super Gore Nest
44 Consumption 6:08
45 Bio-organic Continuum Gate 5:08
46 Massive Demonic Presence 8:11
47 Armored Response Coalition 3:06
48 Kalibas the Sightless Judge 5:43
49 S.O.S. from Earth 2:40 Intro cinematic Uses themes from "Dark Halls" (Doom) at 0:56; "At Doom's Gate" (Doom) at 1:31; crescendo from Doom (2016)
50 Barging In 2:40 Hell on Earth
51 Taras Nabad 5:31 Taras Nabad Uses theme from "Victory" (Doom)
52 King Novik 1:55 Exultia
53 The Khan Maykr (Chad Mossholder Remix) 7:41 Urdak - Khan Maykr battle Uses theme from "Residual" (Doom 2016) at 0:05
54 Meathook 6:06 Exultia Contains an allusion to the Doom 3 introductory cinematic theme at 2:48
55 Eternal Prophecy 6:52
56 The Betrayer 6:01 Exultia Remix of "Victory" (Doom)
57 DOOM Eternal 4:57 Main menu Full remix of "Opening to Hell" (Doom II); theme from "Dark Halls" (Doom) at 1:19
58 End of Level 2:30 Mission summary
59 Final Sin - Sandy City 1:53 Final Sin Uses theme from "Into Sandy's City" (Doom II)

Choir performers[edit]

Other music[edit]

Other music not included in the official sound track release is used in Doom Eternal (not including the DLC) and in related media.

Title Uses Notes
Unknown Citadel cinematic Uses theme from "Evil Incarnate" (Doom II / Wolfenstein 3D)
Unknown Battlemode theme 1 Uses theme from "Running from Evil"
Unknown Battlemode theme 2 Uses theme from "The Demons From Adrian's Pen"
Unknown Battlemode theme 3 Uses theme from "Dark Halls"
Unknown Battlemode theme 4 Uses theme from "At Doom's Gate"
Unknown Battlemode victory Uses theme from "Intermission From Doom"
Heading to the Mars Core Official launch trailer Originally intended for the game by Mick Gordon; alludes to the Doom 3 introductory cinematic theme

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