Doom Eternal soundtrack


Album artwork for the Original Game Soundtrack release.

The soundtrack in Doom Eternal was composed by Mick Gordon. It was designed to be a continuation of the soundtrack to the previous game, but also a sort of ancient, alien heavy metal album. Some songs feature lyrics in fictional languages (such as "kar en tuk", Argenta tongue for "rip and tear"), and a choir was gathered for the occasion, with an open call to heavy metal vocalists. The choir was recorded in March 2019.[1] Additional lyrics were performed by oktavist Eric Hollaway.[2]


Title Notes
At Eternal's Gate Menu theme, based on "Opening to Hell", "Dark Hall"
Rip and Tear Until it's Done Introduction music
Hell on Earth Features separate introduction and alternate theme
Call of Hell A choral cover of "Countdown to Death."
Slayer Gates Features an alternate theme
Betrayer A remix of "The End of DOOM".
Cultist Base Choir section at the end reprise "Sinister"
The Slayer's Time is Now Features an alternate theme
Ride to the Base
Doom Hunter Base
Doom Hunter
It's All Part of the Plan
Super Gore Nest Features an alternate theme
Reaching the Nest
Looking for the Resistance
ARC Complex
The Only Thing They Fear Is You Features an alternate theme
Arrival on Phobos
Slayer Has Entered the Facility
Heading to the Mars Core
Mars Core Features an alternate theme
Demons of Mars
Sentinel Prime
Kar En Tuk
Taras Nabad
Chants of Nabad
Ruins of Nekravol
Creatures of Nekravol
Refined Energy
Voices of Urdak
Khan Maykr
Final Sin
Your Fight Is Eternal Ending theme
Battlemode Victory

Original Game Soundtrack[edit]

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The official original game soundtrack for Doom Eternal was released to Collector's Edition owners on April 18, 2020, and will follow with streaming and download releases in the near future.[3] It features 59 tracks of remixed music from the game composed and arranged by Mick Gordon and id Software's Chad Mossholder with a total run time of 4 hours, 13 minutes and 40 seconds.

Track listing[edit]

Track Title Length
1 Hell On Earth 5:02
2 Cultist Base 5:32
3 Blood Harvesting 3:36
4 Soul Extraction 7:51
5 BFG Division 2020 4:46
6 Metal Hell 6:07
7 Paradise Lost 3:47
8 Urdak 4:45
9 The DOOM Hunter 5:08
10 Infiltrate the Cult 4:52
11 A Cultist Prayer 4:06
12 Demonic Corruption 3:57
13 Maykr Drones 3:56
14 The Khan Maykr (Chad Mossholder remix) 5:12
15 Deag Ranak 2:18
16 Mars Core 4:58
17 Deag Nilox - First Priest Death 0:54
18 The Icon of Sin 5:36
19 Phobos Space 5:39
20 A Slayer City 3:27
21 The Super Gore Nest 5:11
22 The Only Thing They Fear Is You 6:52
23 Asteroids and Rockets 5:55
24 You Can't Just Shoot A Hole Into The surface of Mars 1:42
25 DOOM Hunted 4:26
26 Blood Sacrifice 3:35
27 Welcome Home Great Slayer 3:15
28 Prayer of the Diminished 1:41
29 Gladiator Boss 4:53
30 Beast of the Arena 1:45
31 Fortress of Doom - Chad Mossholder 3:00
32 Revenant Possession 0:46
33 Usurper Gore 4:20
34 Sinister 3:50
35 Super Shotgun Reunion 0:46
36 The Baron of Hell 3:32
37 Doomed Hunter 3:16
38 Command and Control 5:06
39 BFG 10k 2:55
40 Sam's Base 5:06
41 Phobos Base 3:31
42 Acquiring the BFG 3:48
43 Heart of the Beast 5:32
44 Consumption 6:08
45 Bio-organic Continuum Gate 5:08
46 Massive Demonic Presence 8:11
47 Armored Response Coalition 3:06
48 Kalibas the Sightless Judge 5:43
49 S.O.S. from Earth 2:40
50 Barging In 2:40
51 Taras Nabad 5:31
52 King Novik 1:55
53 The Khan Maykr (Chad Mossholder Remix) 7:41
54 Meathook 6:06
55 Eternal Prophecy 6:52
56 The Betrayer 6:01
57 DOOM Eternal 4:57
58 End of Level 2:30
59 Final Sin - Sandy City 1:53

Choir performers[edit]


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