Doom Eternal toys


The Doom Slayer examines a toy after finding it.
The complete toy collection.

Toys are secret items that occur in Doom Eternal, replacing the Doomguy collectibles from Doom (2016). There are 31 toys in total; two or three toys appear in most levels of the main campaign, while the Icon of Sin's toy is unlocked automatically after collecting all the other toys.

Toys take the form of small, cartoonish figurines that each represent a species of demon encountered in the campaign, as well as one toy for the Doom Slayer. Finding a toy adds it to a shelf in the Slayer's private room aboard the Fortress of Doom; the player can then interact with these figurines to bring up a viewable model of the character they represent. Upon finding most toys the Slayer will look at it briefly before putting it away; however, on finding his own figurine the Slayer will raise the toy's left arm before extending his Doomblade.

Finding all the toys in a single save slot will complete the "Playset Sold Separately" achievement and tick off its corresponding milestone.


Picture Monster Level
Toy arachnotron.jpg Arachnotron Exultia
Toy archvile.jpg Arch-vile Nekravol - Part II
Toy baron.jpg Baron of Hell Nekravol
Toy cacodemon.jpg Cacodemon Exultia
Toy carcass.jpg Carcass Mars Core
Toy cueball.jpg Cueball ARC Complex
Toy cybermancubus.jpg Cyber-mancubus Taras Nabad
Toy doomhunter.jpg Doom hunter Nekravol
Toy slayer.jpg Doom Slayer Hell on Earth
Toy dreadknight.jpg Dread knight Nekravol - Part II
Toy gargoyle.jpg Gargoyle Cultist Base
Toy gladiator.jpg Gladiator Nekravol
Toy hellknight.jpg Hell knight Doom Hunter Base
Iconofsin fig.jpg Icon of Sin Automatic after finding all other toys
Imptoy.jpg Imp Hell on Earth
Khanmaykrtoy1.jpg Khan Maykr Urdak
Toy lostsoul.jpg Lost soul Doom Hunter Base
Toy mancubus.jpg Mancubus ARC Complex
Toy marauder.jpg Marauder Taras Nabad
Maykrdronetoy.jpg Maykr drone Urdak
Toy mechazombie.jpg Mecha zombie Super Gore Nest
Toy painelemental.jpg Pain elemental Taras Nabad
PinkyEtoy.jpg Pinky Mars Core
Prowlertoy.jpg Prowler Mars Core
Toy revenant.jpg Revenant Super Gore Nest
Toy soldierblast.jpg Soldier (Blaster) Cultist Base
Toy soldiershield.jpg Soldier (Shield) Super Gore Nest
SpectreEtoy.jpg Spectre Urdak
Toy tyrant.jpg Tyrant Nekravol - Part II
Whiplashtoy.jpg Whiplash ARC Complex
Earth Zombie toy.jpg Zombie (Earth) Hell on Earth


  • Nearly all toys are found after the player has encountered the demon they represent, with the exceptions of the Doom Slayer (the protagonist) and the Khan Maykr, who appears at the end of the first level.
  • The Hell and cultist zombies do not have their own toys, as they and the Earth zombie are considered to represent a single species.