Doom Explorer


Doom Explorer (previously known as IDE - Internet Doom Explorer) is a launcher for most popular Doom source ports, with user-friendly interface and a number of useful features. It supports both single and multiplayer game modes, allows users to set up and run their own servers and communicate with friends via built-in chat. The program is developed by bond and is for Windows only.


The main properties of Doom Explorer are:

  • Easy way to launch any source port with a choice of wads, maps and other parameters, saving and loading the specified configurations.
  • Full support for the main client/server source ports ZDaemon, Zandronum, Odamex; search and display information about all servers; automatic search and download for necessary game WADs; and a separate page with a list of all online players.
  • Convenient setup and running servers, saving and loading server configurations, and an easy way to organize a LAN party.
  • Built-in chat based on a specially created IRC client working closely with all components of Doom Explorer.
  • Maintain a list of buddies, track the appearance of buddies online, and the ability to quickly communicate with them.
  • Supports ZDaemon authorization system, creating and managing accounts, and searching for ZDaemon players.
  • Convenient, fast and functional interface with a variety of appearance settings and the ability to localize for any language.


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