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The Doom Hunter Base is the fourth level of Doom Eternal. Hunting for Deag Ranak, the second Hell priest, the Doom Slayer is led through a facility for producing powerful demons called Doom hunters, and must ultimately face three of them to bring down Ranak. The pinky and carcass enemies are also introduced in this level.

"The hunt for the Priest through his arctic base has brought you to the Doom Hunter research and excavation facility, where the final showdown will take place. Knowing he must face you, he has reconstructed an old enemy as his Sentry to protect him. Defeat the Doom Hunter and the Priest will fall."
― Loading description



Eliminate Deag Ranak
Kill the priest's guardian


Musical Interlude
Find a collectible album.
Big Reveal
Use the AutoMap Station.
Fire in the Hole
Kill 3 Demons with a single Frag Grenade.

Secret encounter[edit]

Special items[edit]

  • 3 extra lives
    1. In the fiery room after the train station, above the monkey bar cage
    2. At the lower level of the building with the second Sentinel battery
    3. In the spinning room on the lower part of the flying base


  • 1 modbots
    1. In the fiery room after the train station, near the entrance
  • 1 Sentinel crystal
    1. At the lower level of the building with the second Sentinel battery
  • 4 Praetor suit points
    1. In the fiery room after the train station, on a high platform to the side
    2. In the room reached by dropping down from the hole in the cheat code tower
    3. In a box hanging from the ceiling in the room guarded by laser grids
    4. At the end of a circular path around the flying base
  • 3 Codex pages
    1. "Doom Hunter Base" near a window overlooking the large orange energy beam
    2. "Deag Ranak" just at the entrance of the first doomhunter arena
    3. "Doom Hunter" on the main path
  • 2 Sentinel batteries
    1. Behind bars, reached by breaking a cracked floor grate and going through a short tunnel
    2. In building reached by dashing and jumping from a climbwall held by a crane
  • 1 rune
    1. In the first doomhunter arena.
  • 2 toys
    1. "Lost Soul" in a small tube tunnel on the main path
    2. "Hell Knight" after picking the "Doom Hunter" codex, turn back, shoot a button on the ceiling, and go down the lowered ramp
  • 1 cheat code
    1. "Silver Bullet Mode" on top of a tower
  • 1 album
    1. "Shadows Don't Scare Commander Keen" inside the turbine-shaped cabin