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The Doom Hunter Base is the fourth level of Doom Eternal. Hunting for Deag Ranak, the second Hell priest, the Doom Slayer is led through a facility for producing powerful demons called Doom hunters, and must ultimately face three of them to bring down Ranak. The pinky and carcass enemies are also introduced in this level.

"The hunt for the Priest through his arctic base has brought you to the Doom Hunter research and excavation facility, where the final showdown will take place. Knowing he must face you, he has reconstructed an old enemy as his Sentry to protect him. Defeat the Doom Hunter and the Priest will fall."
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The UAC cultists' facility is built around the ruins of an Argenta settlement constructed over 60 million years ago, and frozen carcasses of Agaddon Hunters have been located in the wastes surrounding the facility. Millenia ago, the Hell priests (then known as Deag Priests) bred the creatures and genetically modified them to function as "Doom Hunters" - mutants created to battle the Doom Slayer and his Night Sentinels during the Unholy Crusades on Argent D'Nur.

Continuing the cyber-demonic experiments that began on Mars, the cultists have focused their efforts on updating the Doom hunter schematics and upgrading their combat prowess. At an assembly plant near the main facility, cutting-edge technology is combined with occult rituals to resurrect the Agaddon Hunter corpses before replacing most of their body parts with cybernetic components.



Eliminate Deag Ranak
Find the red key card
Kill the Priest's guardian


Red keycard[edit]

You start on the train that you boarded at the end of Cultist Base. Head forward and kill the mancubus, imps and blaster soldiers that appear then punch the damaged connecting pin on the front carriage to detach it from the rest of the train. Once the train has entered the Terrordome, climb up the sides of the train and kill the overhead imps and soldiers then drop down the other set of the red energy wall to see a column with a fire-breathing skull on it. Go round to the back of the column to find a climbable wall and go up to the top, then turn round to see another pair of climbable walls that will put you on the other side of the entrance area with a modbot. Go up the steps and through the door at the top to reach the first major combat encounter, which introduces the pinky enemy - use the ice bomb to hold it in place then attack its vulnerable rear side. The pinky will be joined by revenants, arachnotrons and Hell knights as well as many fodder demons so use caution. Once everything is dead, go through the door at the back of the arena to find a room overlooking a large energy beam and step into the green teleporter behind the steps.

Walk straight through the hologram of Ranak to enter a room with a projection of a Doom hunter and use the automap station here, then go through the door next to the station to get back outside. You will see a suspended coffin rise that you can use as a climbable wall, but do not hold on to these coffins for too long or they will fall; after grabbing the first coffin, look down and right to see a second coffin that you can jump to before leaping to a safe platform on your right. Go up the climbable wall ahead and leap to a platform behind you, kill two cacodemons then follow the walkway to a door - there are some zombies behind the door but do not get distracted as a pinky will charge through them momentarily. Follow the passage to another suspended coffin and jump to it, look down and right to a second coffin which you must jump to then turn round to see a green-lit platform which is safe. Go up the climbable wall to your right to lower a second wall behind you, then go up that to enter a long hall filled with lava; ready the plasma rifle as there is a carcass enemy in the middle of a crowd of zombies that will try to block you with energy shields. After killing the carcass and the revenants that join it, some large steps will rise around a lava pool at the end of the hall - climb up these steps then leap to a suspended platform which is moving across the hall and let it carry you to a door at the other end.

The door leads to a room where Doom hunter sleds are being constructed. Use the runestone here then look ahead to see a green button between two pairs of crushing walls. Shoot the button to lower a climbable wall and time your jump over to it, then use this wall to get past the second pair of crushers and drop down to a platform with a green-lit door. Go through the door and follow the passage past various enemies and two orange energy grids (avoid walking into them as they will inflict damage) to a second door, then go through it and look through the wall that opens on your right to see another grid of energy beams over a pit. Look past the beams to see a suspended coffin and carefully jump through the beams to reach it, look right to see a second coffin just above you then leap from there to the platform behind you where a mancubus, revenants and carcasses are waiting. Once all the enemies are dead, press the skull switch that is revealed by the glass column in the middle of the room then go through the energy barrier that lowers to reach an area with a small turbine suspended over a ring platform. Step over the platform and ascend the climbable wall on your right, then turn round to see a second climbable wall that leads round the turbine. Turn round when you reach the end of this wall to jump to a third wall over an electrified pit, then turn right to jump into a small chamber with another skull switch. Press the switch to open the grate next to it, then leap across to a climbable wall leading round the glass column you saw earlier. Head right until you can jump to a green-lit passage leading back outside.

Follow the walkway down past some imps until you reach an arachnotron, use the monkey bar behind it to swing to a suspended coffin then look left and down to a platform that you can jump to. Go up the slope directly ahead and jump to a suspended climbable wall (this one will not fall), then look right to see a large building ahead - jump towards that building to land on a walkway with an extra life and a Sentinel crystal, then enter the vent opposite the crystal and climb the wall in front of you to enter a room with some zombies. Head round the left side of the column in this room to find the red keycard.

Doom hunters[edit]

From the red keycard, jump to the platform ahead then go straight forward to a door locked with the red key, which will automatically open to reveal a pinky. Go through the door and head down the slope to find a Hell knight, arachnotron and carcass then continue on until you reach a window with an orange energy beam behind it, then turn round and head up either staircase to the next floor. Turn left at the top of the stairs and time your walk past a laser grid to confront a prowler (this is its first appearance in regular gameplay) which is guarding two locked doors; the first door is guarded by two blaster soldiers and a Hell knight, while the second door is guarded by a whiplash and another prowler. Once both doors are open, head straight forward until you see a set of horizontal bars rise in front of you then drop down to a platform on the edge of a pit. Look into the pit to see a monkey bar and swing across it to a cracked grate that you can dash through to enter the vent behind it. Climb up the wall above you to reach a chamber with a spinning power core, then face away from the core and jump up to a second cracked grate.

Punch through the grate then leap between three suspended coffins to reach a monkey bar leading to a climbable wall that you can go up to reach a circular path; walk carefully along the path and kill any enemies that block your way, but avoid touching the electrified wall on your left. You will see a green button above you - shoot it to extend a platform leading to the completed torso of a Doom hunter, then head straight forward to drop down to an earlier platform where a door has been unlocked. Go through the door and head straight forward through several doors until you reach a door with an orange light; manually interact with this door to enter the Doom hunter's arena. The Doom hunter is a formidable opponent, capable of using homing missiles, plasma cannons or a chainsaw depending on proximity; keep your distance and dash to avoid the homing missiles when they are fired. The hunter's blue energy shield can be overloaded with continuous fire from the plasma rifle, and its sled is highly vulnerable to blood punches; if you need more ammo then chainsaw the various fodder demons that arrive to support the hunter. Once the hunter's health bar (visible at the top of the screen) has been depleted then its sled will be destroyed; at this point it pursues you more aggressively but can no longer use the energy shield or homing missiles. Once the hunter's health is depleted for a second time, finish it off with a glory kill.

Once the hunter is destroyed, jump down the hole that appears in the middle of the room to enter a second arena where you will have to face two hunters simultaneously; focus on them one at a time if possible, and watch out for prowlers and carcasses joining the fray once one of the hunters has been killed. When both hunters have been destroyed, the level will end and you will receive five weapon points plus an upgrade for the blood punch that increases the power of its shockwave.


  • Musical Interlude - Find a collectible album
  • Big Reveal - Use the automap station
  • Fire in the Hole - Kill three demons with a single frag grenade

Special items[edit]

  • Three extra lives
    1. After reaching the ledge with the modbot, turn round to see a monkey bar that rises and falls. Swing across the bar when it is raised to reach a climbable wall leading to a high platform, then turn round to see a 1UP in a moving alcove.
    2. A 1UP is on the bottom level of the structure holding the red keycard
    3. When you reach the spinning orange energy core, carefully walk round it to find a 1UP.


  • One modbot
    1. In the entrance area, after using the climbable walls behind the fire-breathing skull.
  • One Sentinel crystal
    1. On the bottom level of the structure holding the red keycard
  • Four Praetor suit points
    1. Follow the directions for the first extra life. When you reach the high platform above the train you will see a Night Sentinel spirit on a ledge to your right, which you can just reach by double-jumping and dashing.
    2. After getting the "Silver Bullet Mode" cheat code (see below), drop into the hole next to it to land in a room with a Night Sentinel.
    3. After climbing the staircases past the red key door, turn right and walk past a laser grid until you reach a slope leading up to a door that will not open. Climb on the double-stack of crates at the bottom of this slope, then jump up to the ceiling support to find a concealed Night Sentinel.
    4. Near the end of the level is a circular path running round an electrified wall. Go all the way round this path to find a Night Sentinel.
  • Three Codex pages
    1. "Doom Hunter Base" - in the room after the first combat encounter
    2. "Deag Ranak" - behind the door above the lava-filled hall with the first carcass encounter.
    3. "Doom Hunter" - in the passage leading to the Doom hunter arena
  • Two Sentinel batteries
    1. In the first combat arena, walk inside the column under the middle of the central bridge to find a cracked vent. Punch through it to find a small passage leading to a battery.
    2. After entering the room with the red keycard, go round the right side of the central column to find a battery.
  • One rune
    1. In the room where Doom hunter sleds can be seen being constructed.
  • Two toys
    1. "Lost Soul" - after the first carcass encounter, climb up the platforms at the end of the lava-filled hall then jump to a suspended platform moving above the hall. If you jump up before this platform starts moving forward, you can climb into a tube with a question mark.
    2. "Hell Knight" - after finding the "Doom Hunter" page, turn round and look up to see a concealed green button then shoot it to reveal a passage leading to a question mark.
  • One cheat code
    1. "Silver Bullet Mode" - this question mark is on top of the glass column before the turbine area. You can get there from the climbable wall running round the top of the column.
  • One album
    1. "Shadows Don't Scare Commander Keen" - after pressing the skull switch above the turbine area, jump to the climbable wall behind it then turn round to see another climbable wall over an electrified pit. From this second wall you can jump to a third wall on the outside of the turbine; follow it to a hatch leading inside the turbine and drop down to a question mark.

Areas / screenshots[edit]