Doom II: The Official Strategy Guide


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Doom II: The Official Strategy Guide is the official strategy guide book for Doom II (ISBN 978-1559587112), written by Ed Dille and published by Prima Publishing.


"DOOM II finds mankind on the brink of eternal suffering. The world has gone to hell and the nightmare ends only if the demon's power source can be found and destroyed. This "official" guide reveals every cheat, hint, and trick for the serious player—with every level mapped out. Expert help for players to come out alive from more levels of play, bigger and badder weapons, and double the demons."
― Publisher's description

Table of contents[edit]

  1. Staying in Control: Doom's menus and basic interface. How to start the game.
  2. Navigation and Object Recognition: Tips for navigating levels. How to use the automap. Common powerups encountered during the game.
  3. Peace through Superior Firepower: The weapons and ammo available in the game.
  4. The Bestiary: Covers the monsters encountered in Doom II, including the relative strength of each in terms of hitpoints and shots needed from each weapon to take them out.
  5. Infantry Basics: Tips for cooperative play.
  6. Intelligence Briefings: Covers each individual level, including maps.
  7. Multiplayer Network Notes: How to set up a network game.
  8. Interview: Transcript of an interview with John Romero.
  • Appendix: Cheater, Cheater, Demon Eater: List of the cheat codes.

Doom II Survival Guide[edit]

The official strategy guide was republished as Doom II Survival Guide, a cut-down version of the same book in a mass market paperback size. This version only includes information on levels without the additional content found in the full strategy guide.


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Dewey Decimal 794.82
ISBN-10 ISBN 1559587113
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-1559587112
Library of Congress Control Number 94068399
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Doom II Survival Guide edition[edit]

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ISBN-10 ISBN 1568932456
ISBN-13 ISBN 978-1568932453
Open Library ID OL8691077M

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