Doom II (PlayStation Doom)


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Doom II is the second episode of the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn versions of Doom. It contains twenty-six levels in total, twenty-three of which are the levels taken from the original Doom II: Hell on Earth with some edits applied by Williams Entertainment, and the other three are new maps exclusive to these versions.

The episode shares the same story with Doom II: Hell on Earth. However, no text messages are provided between "episodes". Rather than the PC game's final boss, the player must fight either one or two Spider Masterminds, depending on the skill level, on the last level.


Secret levels:


  • Asterisks mark exclusive levels created by Williams Entertainment.


  • The animated fire sky is not found anywhere in this episode. The Hell levels between MAP48 and MAP53 use the regular Hell sky taken from the PC version of Doom II. The final level, MAP54, uses the sky from Thy Flesh Consumed.
  • "Corrupted" is the only background song which does not reappear in any of this episode's maps. In the Ultimate Doom portion, it could be heard on levels 12, 29 and 57.