Doom II cast sequence


Credits screen from the end of Doom II

The Doom II cast sequence is an animated sequence at the conclusion of Doom II that displays the monsters found in the game. As the climax of the sequence, the Doomguy himself is presented. The characters are displayed over a depiction of the face of the final boss as the background and the track from MAP31 is played: "Evil Incarnate" from Wolfenstein 3D: Spear of Destiny in Doom II, "Sign of Evil" in The Plutonia Experiment, and "Legion of the Lost" in TNT: Evilution.

The sequence does not include the spectre (presumably due to some difficulty in rendering the fuzz effect) and Easter egg opponents found only in the secret areas or levels. Each character is seen walking and firing. When a key is pressed, the dying animation of the present character is shown, the corpse frame is cleared, and the next character is displayed.

Order of appearance[edit]

The characters come in the following order, after which the sequence cycles:


PSX versions[edit]

In the PlayStation versions of Doom and Final Doom, the text "cast of characters" is displayed on the top of the screen, and while the final boss is not present in any of the games, it still appears in the background. The arch-vile is not included since it was removed from the game, and just like the spectre, the nightmare spectre is not included either. Otherwise, the order of appearance remains unchanged from the PC version. The PSX version also adds a shotgun firing sound when pressing buttons to proceed through the sequence.

Doom 64[edit]

In Doom 64, the screen is also displayed at the end of the game. Unlike in the PC version, the spectre is included, along with the nightmare imp that is exclusive to the port. The Mother Demon is absent, however. The following sequence is displayed in Doom 64:


  • Some keys may cause the screen melt effect restarting the whole sequence again from zombieman.
  • According to the source code commentaries, the monsters are supposed to be presented "in order of appearance".
  • While the player (Doomguy) does not actually fire at the screen, he has the firing sound of the super shotgun defined for the cast sequence. That sound was subsequently used in Doom 64, which includes the firing sequence for the player.
  • The revenant in the PC version and the imps in Doom 64 are the only characters to use more than one attack. Apparently, this is because they are the sole monsters with multiple attacks that use different graphics for each.

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