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The soundtrack of Doom II consists of music in MUS format composed by Robert Prince. 21 distinct tracks are present. At least some of these are known to have originally been written for Doom. Two of the tracks are re-adapted by Prince from his earlier work on Wolfenstein 3D.

Track listing[edit]

Track name Lump Levels Length Inspiration / base
Running from Evil D_RUNNIN MAP01: Entryway 03:49
D_RUNNI2 MAP15: Industrial Zone
The Healer Stalks D_STALKS MAP02: Underhalls 04:51
D_STLKS2 MAP11: Circle of Death
D_STLKS3 MAP17: Tenements
Countdown to Death D_COUNTD MAP03: The Gantlet 03:49
D_COUNT2 MAP21: Nirvana
Between Levels D_BETWEE MAP04: The Focus 02:34 Wolfenstein 3D - Zero Hour (E3M4/E3M8/E6M4/E6M8 music)
DOOM D_DOOM MAP05: The Waste Tunnels 04:18
D_DOOM2 MAP13: Downtown
In the Dark D_THE_DA MAP06: The Crusher 06:57
D_THEDA2 MAP12: The Factory
D_THEDA3 MAP24: The Chasm
Shawn's Got the Shotgun D_SHAWN MAP07: Dead Simple 04:17 Slayer - South of Heaven [notes 1]
D_SHAWN2 MAP19: The Citadel
D_SHAWN3 MAP29: The Living End
The Dave D. Taylor Blues D_DDTBLU MAP08: Tricks and Traps 04:59
D_DDTBL2 MAP14: The Inmost Dens
D_DDTBL3 MAP22: The Catacombs
Into Sandy's City D_IN_CIT MAP09: The Pit 04:39 Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing [notes 1]
The Demon's Dead D_DEAD MAP10: Refueling Base 04:23 Black Sabbath - After All (The Dead)
D_DEAD2 MAP16: Suburbs
Waiting for Romero to Play D_ROMERO MAP18: The Courtyard 05:06 Pantera - This Love
D_ROMER2 MAP27: Monster Condo
Message for the Archvile D_MESSAG MAP20: Gotcha! 04:38
D_MESSG2 MAP26: The Abandoned Mines
Bye Bye American Pie D_AMPIE MAP23: Barrels o' Fun 01:38 Alice in Chains - Them Bones [notes 1]
Adrian's Asleep D_ADRIAN MAP25: Bloodfalls 01:55 Alice in Chains - Angry Chair [notes 1]
Getting Too Tense D_TENSE MAP28: The Spirit World 04:42
Opening to Hell D_OPENIN MAP30: Icon of Sin 04:39
Evil Incarnate D_EVIL MAP31: Wolfenstein 01:11 Spear of Destiny - Evil Incarnate (MAP21 music)
Cast sequence
The Ultimate Challenge/Conquest D_ULTIMA MAP32: Grosse 01:18 Wolfenstein 3D - Ultimate Conquest (E3M9/E6M9 music)
untitled D_DM2TTL Title music 00:16
untitled D_DM2INT Intermission music 02:52
Read Me While Listening to This[notes 2] D_READ_M Text screen music 04:47
MAP33: Betray (Xbox)
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 The inspirations for the tracks noted above are substantiated by metadata comments found in the unreleased MIDI tracks released by John Romero, many of which are alternate versions of the MIDI tracks used in Doom.
  2. Information has been derived from the 2023 Doom source code leak, which contains original source MIDI files for Doom and Doom II that are otherwise not found in the OS/2 version.


  • "The Dave D. Taylor Blues," which is present thrice in the IWAD, exists in two slightly different versions:
Lump names Size CRC-32
D_DDTBLU 64571 629660ef
D_DDTBL2 and D_DDTBL3 64808 6ab6cf4e
  • Audible differences:
    • A cymbal crash can be heard at the very beginning of D_DDTBL2 and D_DDTBL3, which is absent from D_DDTBLU.
    • The intro passage is an extra measure long in D_DDTBL2 and D_DDTBL3.
    • The instrument on the descending tones that repeat every two bars throughout the song is changed for the sixth "repeat" of the song in D_DDTBLU (to a kalimba), and is not for D_DDTBL2 and D_DDTBL3 (where it remains the instrument from the fifth repeat - FX 2 (soundtrack)).
    • The final note in the song's lead melody is the correct length in D_DDTBLU, while in D_DDTBL2 and D_DDTBL3 it appears to be of infinite length (in General MIDI this is defined as 546 bars and 15 tics). In-game it will either play for the length of the whole final measure, or hang indefinitely; in the latter cases it will either prevent the song from looping, or the note will persist across all further loops of the song.
  • In the 2023 Doom source code leak, there exists a third version of this track with the filename DDTBLUES.MID.
    • Notably, this version of the track includes both the cymbal crash of D_DDTBL2 and D_DDTBL3, as well as the kalimba from D_DDTBLU.
    • It also has the same length as D_DDTBL2 and D_DDTBL3, but the final note of the song's lead melody does not hang indefinitely.
  • "Waiting for Romero to Play" was used instead of "Dark Halls" for E1M3 in an unreleased beta, as seen during a Visit to id Software.
  • In the version of Doom II included in Doom 3: BFG Edition, D_EVIL and D_ULTIMA are copies of D_DOOM. Therefore, "DOOM" is used in both secret levels and during the cast sequence.
  • In the 2023 Doom source code leak, there are four additional MIDIs not found in the IWAD: BETWE2.MID, COUNTDN.MID, DDTBLUES.MID, DOOM3.MID
    • With the exception of DDTBLUES.MID, these files are identical to the copies that exist within Doom II's IWAD.
    • These filenames were actually present in the Mac release of Doom II, converted to QuickTime format, but went unused.
  • In the 2023 Doom source code leak, some songs have alternate names:
    • "DOOM" has the name "Doom!".
    • "The Dave D. Taylor Blues" is named "Dave's Blues".

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