Doom Music (album)


Cover of the Doom Music album by Bobby Prince
Photo of the Doom Music CD and inlay

On May 1, 1997 Robert Prince released Doom Music, an album with various remixed versions of a selection of music tracks from Doom and Doom II. The CD contain 20 tracks with a running time of 71 minutes 28 seconds.

According to the text on the back, the tracks are arranged to fit for playing with Quake. A number of the tracks have been shortened, with entire sections left out, or some tracks even having been sped up. This was likely done to fit them into the limited space of the CD.[1]

The remixed version of "At Doom's Gate" contains various sounds from Doom, i.e. weapon sounds, monsters roaring and death sounds, including some sounds from Doom II.

Notably, three tracks on the album are extended compared to their in-game renditions. The following sections are unique to the versions of the tracks heard on the CD album:[2][3]

  • "Demons from Adrian's Pen": Beginning at 1:42 and ending at 2:30. In the in-game version, this part of the track is skipped entirely.
  • "Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names)": Beginning at 2:28 and lasting until the end of the track at 3:54. This third part is a repeat of the second section, but it includes an additional instrument not heard in the in-game version. Additionally, the intro to each of the three sections of the track is half as long compared to the in-game track.
  • "Donna to the Rescue": Beginning at 0:00 and ending at 1:57. The version heard in-game corresponds only to the second half of the CD song.

It is currently unknown whether these versions of the tracks were made specifically for the album, or whether they represent the original versions of the songs, before they were shortened for the game.


Track Trackname Game Level Length
1 The Healer Stalks Doom II MAP02 03:17
2 At Doom's Gate Doom E1M1 01:47
3 Intermission From DOOM Doom E2M3 02:53
4 On The Hunt Doom E1M6 01:36
5 The Demons From Adrian's Pen Doom E2M2 03:20
6 Suspense Doom E1M5 02:51
7 Running From Evil Doom II MAP01 04:04
8 Waiting For Romero To Play Doom II MAP18 03:50
9 Into Sandy's City Doom II MAP09 04:44
10 Shawn's Got The Shotgun Doom II MAP07 03:50
11 Sinister Doom E2M6 03:04
12 The End Of DOOM Doom End 02:59
13 Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names) Doom E1M4 03:52
14 Opening To Hell Doom II MAP30 04:42
15 They're Going To Get You Doom E2M4 04:24
16 The Demon's Dead Doom II MAP10 03:29
17 Dark Halls Doom E1M3 04:39
18 Demons On The Prey Doom E1M7 02:39
19 DOOM Doom II MAP05 04:23
20 Donna To The Rescue Doom E3M2 03:46

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