Doom Patcher


Doom Patcher is a utility created by Alexandre-Xavier Labonté-Lamoureux, better known as AxDoomer, that can apply several executable hacks in an easy to use manner to the vanilla Doom executable. It comprises a collection of patches that were distributed on the Doomworld forums over the years, and were created by Miguel Folatelli (myk), Andrey Budko (entryway), Colin Phipps (cph), Randy87 and xttl.

It will work with a Doom executable that is exactly 709905 bytes. This is the executable that came with Doom v1.9 and Doom 2 v1.9 (The Ultimate Doom and Final Doom are not supported).

It is available as both a Python script and a standalone executable, called doom-pat.exe. It is advised to make a copy of your Doom or Doom II executable if you want to retain the unaltered version separately. Most of the hacks are cumulative, which means that applying a hack doesn't change the bytes at an offset used by another hack, so the user can use many of these hacks at the same time.


The following terms are in use with the Doom Patcher program:

  • VANILLA: The hack is not detected. The bytes at the offsets where the patch makes the changes are the same as vanilla.
  • PATCHED: The executable is already patched with this hack.
  • UNKNOWN: The executable is corrupted or an incompatible hack has already been applied. (Example: The extended stack size hack)


The following options are available in Doom Patcher:

1.    Increase the maximum mouse sensitivity from 9 to 127
2.    Increase the maximum heap size to 32MB
3.    Display "Picked up a medikit that you REALLY need!"
4.    Fix for fast doors that make two closing sounds
5.    Fix for the ouch face
6.    Fix for the duration of the SSG's muzzle flash
7.    Fix Arch-Vile fire spawned at the wrong location
8.    Disable 'Q' when recording demos
9.    Extend the stack allocation size (64KB => 512KB)
10.   Use DPCHGUN/DSCHGUN as the chaingunner's attack sound
11.   Enable random sound pitch
12.   Increase the static limits to those of Doom-plus
13.   Enable long tics
14.   Replace 'Deathmatch 1.0' rules with those of 'Deathmatch 3.0'
15.   Make the startup banner blue

The extended stack size hack is incompatible with Doom-plus.

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