Doom Plus (Acorn RiscOS)


The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is Doom+.

Doom+ is an officially licensed source port for Acorn Computers RISC OS by R-Comp International. It is a more advanced port based on the company's original offering, with additional features and bug fixes, but requiring a more powerful machine to run. Doom+ was developed by Justin Fletcher, from the original RComp release of Doom which was ported by Eddie Edwards.[1]


  • Supports resolutions up to 1280x1024 with color depths of up to 24 bits per pixel.
  • Transparency and translucency effects.
  • Supports a scalable desktop window.
  • 8-channel stereo sound effects.
  • General MIDI music.
  • CD audio support.
  • Atmospheric music adjustment.
  • Works with all official Doom game IWADs.
  • Plays all standard correctly built PWADs, and can merge sprites and flats.
  • Network-ready (TCP-IP/UDP, serial, modem).
  • Includes a frontend and tools.
  • Joystick and gamepad support.
  • "Picture-in-picture" overlaid automap.
  • Low-detail mode restored.
  • Monster and player proximity sensor.
  • In-game real-time clock with settable alarm.
  • Enhanced "quick status" HUD.
  • Kills and secrets displayable in the automap.
  • Obituary messages.
  • Secret area found notification.

Bug fixes[edit]

  • Save game limit removed.
  • Visplane and drawsegs overflows removed.
  • Spectres appear correctly versus earlier Acorn ports.
  • Slime trail removal, similar to MBF.

System requirements[edit]

  • ARM3 or higher, StrongArm Enhanced
  • 4 MB RAM required; 8 MB or more preferable
  • Hard disk with 1 MB free space; 30 MB recommended

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