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Doom Power is the largest unofficial Russian fan website dedicated to the Doom games. The site was founded on March 28, 2002 by MAZter, who still acts as a main administrator. On April 30, 2004 the site moved to its own domain. On January 17, 2009, the Doom Power forum was moved to phpBB.[1]


Doom Power hosts its own forums, a FAQ section, and a file repository. Deathmatch tournaments were also organized in the past. A special section, dedicated to Wolfenstein 3D, is also present.


Doom Power forum has two main sections:

  • "Doom and everything related to it" - the largest section dedicated to everyting about classic Doom (mapping, modding, deathmatching etc.);
  • "Other games using id engines" - has subsections for Doom 3, Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal, Quake series, Wolfenstein 3D, Hexen and Heretic and other games.

Community projects[edit]

Several community projects were organised by members of Doom Power. One such project was Freakmapping (called "Tuning Contest" at Doomworld), where participants had to improve a level created by a random level generator - SLIGE and later OBLIGE. There were nine contests held in between 2005 and 2021. Other projects include regular speedmapping sessions and FDA contests.

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