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Doom Radio is an internet podcast show managed and hosted by Gus Knezevich (Alfonzo). The original broadcast show was created by Tango in September, 2012, known as Tango TV back during its original inception. The show is focused on Doom related topics as well as the activities of the community members, mainly Alfonzo and his close friends. It contains audio content in the form of interviews, analysis, conversations, discussions, reviews and news.

Some of Doom Radio regulars include: Richard Frei (Tarnsman), Boris Klimeš (dew), Matt Tropiano (MTrop) and Xaser.

The last podcast of the show was back in May 26, 2019, with the Where’s All the Data? SIGIL episode.

Program format[edit]

The podcast series is organized in four main programs: Interviews, Intermission, Program B and Where's All the Data?

  • Interviews: The flagship of the podcast series. This program focuses on direct interviews with different members of the community, usually in the form of casual conversations.
  • Intermission: Occasional conversations between different members of the community and the hosts of the show. It does not have a specific agenda and is usually an informal program.
  • Program B: Discussions focused on a variety of topics related to Doom and the community in general, from community concepts to retrospectives and other topics.
  • Where's All the Data?: Reviews of PWADs, usually with a thorough approach and with the company of other hosts.

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