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Doom Resurrection gameplay
For information about the 2001 map set, see Doom Resurrection (WAD).

Doom Resurrection is an iOS first-person rail shooter game developed by Tom Mustaine's Escalation Studios in cooperation with the mobile games division of id Software. It was released on June 26, 2009. John Carmack led the development team. Doom Resurrection uses assets from Doom 3 and acts as a side story to the game.


The game stars an unnamed marine, a survivor of Bravo Team from the original Doom 3. He awakens after the ambush on his squad and is soon confronted by Dr. Garret, who presents him Sam, a flying droid capable of opening doors and hacking computers. Together with Sam, the survivor makes his way through the Mars facility, battling zombies and demons on his way through the base. His goal is to reach a port where a spaceship full of surviving members of the UAC facility is preparing to blast off. On his way, the marine meets a few survivors, collects valuable information through Sam, and visits Hell, where he closes the demon-spawning portals. Eventually, the marine is forced to leave Dr. Garret behind, and Sam sacrifices itself to support a closing door to the spaceship. In the process of the escape, the only data which could be used to implicate the UAC in the incident is left behind.

Some elements of the game's plot were recycled for the 2012 release of the Doom 3: BFG Edition expansion pack The Lost Mission.


The player is taken through a total of eight linear arcade-style rail shooter stages wherein the player can tilt the device to aim and hit touch areas in the corners of the screen to fire his weapon or reload. Other touch areas on the screen appear in contextual situations similar to quick time events, allowing the player to dodge attacks or take cover from enemy fire. Gameplay typically lasts four to six hours depending on the difficulty selected from the four levels available. Performance ranks are assigned at the end of each level.


A large portion of the Doom 3 bestiary is represented. Enemies animate and attack in manners similar to their behaviors in Doom 3, though in a much more directed fashion. Enemies often appear from behind or in surprising locations near the player, as a test of reaction time.

Monster name Special properties
Zombie Zombies are the most common enemy and take around three bullets to go down. Head shots are instantly lethal.
Fat zombie In this game, all fat zombies have their face torn off and an opened abdomen exposing their intestines. Unlike in Doom 3, where they simply attack by swinging their fists or a weapon, these zombies will latch onto the player and try to eat him. They must be literally shaken off when this happens by moving the phone or tablet quickly back and forth.
Imp The imp will usually stand at a distance and throw fireballs, which can be dodged with good timing.
Demon Demons attack the same way as in Doom 3, by running up to the player quickly and trying to bite him.
Lost soul
Mancubus The mancubus is common in Hell.
Hell knight Hell knights are the most powerful enemy and act as bosses. A fight with one occurs near the teleporter in Delta Labs in much the same manner as in Doom 3.


Most of the Doom 3 armory is represented in the weapons that can be found, which can be switched between using the touch area in the upper left corner. Their mechanics are similar to their Doom 3 versions, though head shots are particularly more effective and are strongly encouraged by the game. Weapons and ammunition can be found by shooting crates, referred to in-game as "secret items," and sometimes by touching loose items on the screen - occasionally this becomes an element of skill, as there will be a limited window of opportunity in which to collect an item before it is hidden or destroyed, or because it must be quickly grabbed between waves of attacking monsters.

Weapon Description
Chainsaw Mostly useful against zombies and demons.
Machine gun Unlike in Doom 3, this weapon has infinite ammo capacity so that it is always possible to shoot enemies. It still requires a reload after every 60 shots, however.
Super shotgun The super shotgun from Resurrection of Evil makes an appearance here, and is adept at taking out zombies and imps in a single shot.
Plasma gun


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