Doom Slayer life-size figure


The Doom Slayer figure in id Software's lobby, with Doomworld Forums user Buckshot (used with permission).

The Doom Slayer life-size figure is a 205-centimeter-tall 1:1 scale fiberglass statue of the Doom Slayer sculpted by Studio Oxmox of Muckle Mannequins GmbH, a German manufacturer of promotional figures, on commission from Bethesda Softworks in 2016 for use in promotions related to the then-upcoming release of Doom (2016). A strictly limited-series item, only somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 pieces were produced. They have appeared at the annual QuakeCon conventions, Bethesda's BE3 presentations at E3, and one is currently permanently positioned in id Software's lobby (pictured right, with Doomworld Forums user Buckshot in August 2017).

The statue disassembles into three separate pieces for shipment and transportation.

Though not mass produced for retail sale, a number of excess units have been offered on eBay and other digital storefronts by after-market sellers, with prices starting around US $6500.

Notably, the "O" characters in the "DOOM" logo on the statue's base are reversed from their normal orientation.

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