Doom Tournament


Doom Tournament
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Author Marisa Kirisame
Port GZDoom
IWAD Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen
Year 2018
Link ZDoom forum thread
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Doom Tournament is a gameplay mod for GZDoom created by Marisa Kirisame. Its development began in May of 2018 as a small test for supporting Unreal Engine 1 model files in GZDoom, growing into a full port of Unreal Tournament's arsenal once this was deemed a success. A 1.0 release came out in October of 2019, but it is still considered a "work in progress" and has received further updates since then (as of January 24, 2021, the latest version is 1.1.3).

Doom Tournament attempts to port the entire set of weapons from the classic Unreal Tournament, along with several of its items. Through the use of ZScript, much of the mod's functionality is almost identical to the original game, in many cases even code-wise, due to similarities between scripting languages.

The project furthermore boasts compatibility with not just Doom and Doom II, but also Heretic and Hexen.



All weapons behave almost exactly like their original counterparts, with minor differences (usually optional). Due to the fact most supported IWADs having too low of a weapon count, many of these will be randomly selected to spawn in place of the same vanilla weapon. In addition, in Hexen, due to its ammo system, items that give random ammo replace the mana pickups.

  • Translocator (can optionally have regenerating ammo, like in Unreal Tournament 2004)
  • Impact Hammer
  • Chainsaw (can optionally be set to consume ammo, which drops from killed enemies)
  • Enforcer (can optionally be set to reload after 20 shots, an unimplemented feature in the original)
  • GES Biorifle
  • Shock Rifle
    • Enhanced Shock Rifle (available for deathmatch through a dedicated console variable)
  • Pulse Gun (can optionally be set to reload after 50 shots)
  • Ripper
  • Minigun
  • Flak Cannon
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Redeemer (the mod implements six-degrees-of-freedom movement for guided missiles)


In many cases, UT's items have direct equivalents to Doom's own health, armor and powerups. For those that remain, either new items were created from scratch, or some others were adapted to function similarly.

Health Vials and Boxes replace the health bonus and stimpack, while the Big Keg O' Health replaces the soulsphere. Due to the lack of an equivalent to the medikit, a bigger Health Box was added, recycling an older model for the keg from early builds. The replacement for the armor bonus is also a new addition, functioning as an extra buffer of up to 50 armor points above the maximum of 150 that UT originally had. The green armor and blue armor are replaced by Thigh Pads and Body Armor, while the Shield Belt takes up the place of the megasphere.

In regards to powerups, the replacements are as follows:

In addition, original items to replace the invulnerability, light amplification visor, computer area map and backpack were created.


The mod implements five player classes, all functioning identically. These match up to the five player model types that UT has: the Commando and Soldier, with male and female versions, and the Boss (Xan). An option is available for these to closely emulate the game's movement physics, though it's noted that this may cause issues with various map effects such as carrying sectors, or make certain timed events difficult due to the diminished speed.

There are also additional plug-ins for the mod linked in its ZDoom forums thread, including voiced taunts, an announcer pack, a music randomizer and several visual patches for weapons and items.

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