Doom Underground


Doom Underground is a website operated by Colin Phipps (cph) that publishes PWAD level reviews. Between 1999 and 2004 it posted 315 reviews mostly authored by Colin, with some guest contributions by DrCrypt. The website has not been updated since May 2004.


Colin started writing reviews in late 1997, uploading them to the idgames archive in a little-known levels/reviews/ subdirectory. The last v0.12 update of these reviews was on March 8, 1998. By 1999 he had collected the reviews into a website hosted by Doomworld which would periodically post new reviews. The WAD selection was focused on vanilla Doom and Boom-compatible levels.

The Doomworld site was active until December 2001. In 2002, Colin moved the site to his own domain name and in 2006 to its current archive location on

Rating system[edit]

WADs are given an overall score out of five, further ranked by category:

  • Gameplay (GP)
  • Architecture/Aesthetic (AR)
  • Difficulty for the skill level (usually HMP or UV) the WAD was played on

Some WADs have additional optional categories scored out of five:

  • Coop (CP)
  • Play Length (LN)

For example, The Darkening was rated:

  • Gameplay (GP): 5
  • Architecture/Aesthetic (AR): 5
  • Difficult on Ultra-Violence (UV): 3
  • Overall: 5
  • Coop (CP): 5

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