Doom Upstart Mapping Project


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Doom Upstart Mapping Project (abbreviated to DUMP) is a series of megawad projects for the ZDoom source port organized by TerminusEst13. The series began as a speedmapping event, where every map was meant to be built in 4-6 hours, held by TerminusEst13 and some other mappers - veterans and newcomers alike - in an effort to improve their mapping skills on the ZDoom engine, and in particular the speed at which they mapped. By the second iteration, the event was opened to all willing participants, the time rule was dropped, and the project catered towards people with little experience with ZDoom mapping so that they could familiarize themselves with its capabilities. All three projects saw considerable success on the ZDoom forums and elsewhere, and inspired a series of spin-offs.

List of WADs[edit]

List of spin-offs[edit]