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Doom Wad Station in 2006.

Doom Wad Station is a WAD review site founded on December 5, 1998. Its creator and maintainer is Bob Larkin (Sematary). The earliest reviews date back to 1999 and are for the original Doom game. The site now includes not only reviews of maps for Doom and Doom II but also a total conversions page for both those games, as well as for Doom 3.

As the site expanded, so did the interest in all things related to id Software. Amongst the various portions of the site is a complete list of all the shareware versions of id Software's games, and a database of maps for all of the various games that are editable.

The site also acts as a partial Doom archive, with a complete backup of the idgames archive levels hierarchy which is updated frequently, as well as sections such as the mobile Doom section which aims to keep the community apprised of various mobile devices on which Doom can be played. And now it has just added a doom wiki and a classic reviews section.

Larkin officially announced on January 26, 2022, that the site would no longer be updated due to a lack of interest, but it would still be up and live.[1]

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