Doom Wiki:Criteria for website articles


The Doom community has featured a large number of websites, some of which no longer exist and others which are relatively new. However, not all of these websites are worth having a writeup on.

Some guidelines for website writeups:

  • The site being written up should contain content primarily oriented towards the classic Doom series, much like this wiki.
  • Content should be of some importance to the community, such as source ports, editing utilities, WADs or total conversions, sites of historical interest, and active news sites or community hubs. If the site does not contain anything of note in the Doom community, it should not be written up.
  • The article should contain as much background information as possible, including things such as how long the site has been running, who its main contributors are, and any events associated with the site.
  • Include a link to the website in an "External links" section at the end of the writeup.

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