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A gadget is a JavaScript and/or CSS snippet that can be enabled simply by checking an option in your preferences. The gadgets functionality is provided by the MediaWiki extension Extension:Gadgets.

General criteria for gadgets[edit]

In order to be deployed on the Doom Wiki, gadgets should generally pass the following conditions:

  1. Gadgets must work if just included with no further configuration. They can be configurable, but must work without explicit configuration.
  2. Gadgets must be compatible with all major browsers, i.e. they must not terminate with errors.
  3. Gadgets should be functional in most major browsers (cross-browser compatibility). Exceptions must be clearly stated.
  4. Duplication of gadgets should only be made if it's reasonable.
  5. Collections of scripts should be applied as own entities. (No collection of scripts dumped as a gadget, unless the collection is specially defined as an own entity.)
  6. Gadgets requiring permissions must be marked and must fail gracefully if the permissions aren't present.
  7. Gadgets only working in some skins must be marked as such.


Proposals: Discuss the addition of scripts as gadgets.


Gadgets can be installed after discussion at Doom Wiki talk:Gadget by administrators in the following way:

  1. Add the header below and the script code to MediaWiki:Gadget-scriptname.js
  2. Optionally, add the header below and CSS code to MediaWiki:Gadget-scriptname.css
  3. Add a script description to MediaWiki:Gadget-scriptname. Please link to the script home and/or help page and state browser requirements if needed.
  4. Add to MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition under the appropriate heading
    * scriptname|scriptname.js[|scriptname.css|otherscript.js|...]
  5. Update the table of installed gadgets below

The gadget should now appear on Special:Gadgets.


Comments or warnings can be added to the gadget description templates in two ways:

  • noinclude tag (visible on description page with links): <noinclude> comment </noinclude>
  • HTML comments (visible in source text only): <!-- comment -->

Comments added in this way will be automatically discarded during the page creation process.


The following header should be added to the gadget files, with modifications as necessary:

/*  _____________________________________________________________________________
 * |                                                                             |
 * |                    === WARNING: GLOBAL GADGET FILE ===                      |
 * |                  Changes to this page affect many users.                    |
 * |           Please discuss changes on the talk page before editing.           |
 * |_____________________________________________________________________________|
 * Imported from [[SCRIPT_SOURCE]] as of DATE 

Default gadgets[edit]

A gadget with default keyword is enabled for all visitors and only registered users can disable it.

A gadget with [default|rights=minoredit] description would be automatically enabled only for registered users.

Currently installed gadgets[edit]

Name Function Script:
Homepage, Source, Maintainer
Version, Description, Script, CSS
Lightbox When enabled, replaces the default behavior of the "Enlarge" button in image thumbnails with a lightbox for in-page image viewing. James Haley MediaWiki:Gadget-Lightbox.js; MediaWiki:Gadget-Lightbox.css
MonacoRecentChanges Adds a widget displaying the top seven most recent changes to the Monaco sidebar for mainspace articles and talk pages. Requires Monaco skin. James Haley MediaWiki:Gadget-MonacoRecentChanges.js
ReferenceTooltips Roll over any inline citation to see reference information, instead of having to jump away from the article text. MediaWiki:Gadget-ReferenceTooltips.js; MediaWiki:Gadget-ReferenceTooltips.css
UploadToolbar Adds a wikitext editor toolbar to the form on Special:Upload, allowing more efficient editing of image description text. James Haley MediaWiki:Gadget-UploadToolbar.js


This article incorporates text from the open-content Wikipedia online encyclopedia article Wikipedia:Gadget.

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