Doom Wiki:Policies and guidelines/Images draft


Ambox warning blue construction.svgThis draft policy article is a work in progress which represents an emerging consensus on the Doom Wiki. It does not yet have the force of official policy. Please discuss any proposed changes on this article's talk page.

NB: These are proposed additions to the Images policy

  • Images of copyrighted physical software media and packaging should be of reasonable size to meet the requirements of fair use. Though this is an open area of case law as far as copyright is concerned, we are operating by these guidelines:
  • The image should be of a minimum size needed to faithfully represent the article and important information it bears, but not of such size that the item itself can be reproduced from the image. Production-quality high DPI scans (images of 4 megapixels or greater) are never acceptable.
  • The size of a scan or photograph as viewed on monitor should generally not exceed the size of the item being depicted. In most cases, it should be significantly smaller.
  • 100 DPI resolution (1000 pixels at a physical size of 10 inches) is suggested. Please balance dimensions of the image against legibility of text where important, with the above guideline regarding the size of the actual object depicted taken into account.
  • When possible, the front and back covers of an item should be depicted separately, and not in a layout which encourages reproduction for physical use which would infringe on the original product's market role.
  • Use of JPEG format for these items is encouraged, as lossless compression produces overly large files. Please attempt to produce files between 200 and 400 KB in size where practical. Lossy compression also discourages unauthorized reproduction and strengthens the argument for fair use.
  • Images that are deemed too large to meet fair use criteria will be identified and replaced by admins or other users with a suitable smaller version. When practical, the original uploader will be notified first.
  • Reproduction of copyrighted pure print items (flyers, ads, pamphlets, or inserts) as images at high resolution is not acceptable fair use. If the image can be justified as fair use, it should be resized below the threshold of legibility for the bulk of content (an example considered acceptable on Wikipedia can be seen at File:Pac_flyer.png). Important textual content otherwise lost should then be described in the article, without plagiarizing, alongside the image.