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This is the hub for the request for comment procedure, where issues regarding particular articles and projects can be logged and commented on in a central place.


Creation of an RFC encourages retention of information on pending issues and challenges with wiki articles or projects by bringing it into a central location. It is not meant to replace or obsolete discussion of problems on article talk pages; rather, the two are encouraged to be used in concert.

Opening an RFC[edit]

To open an RFC, use the following sequence of steps:

  • Create a subpage of this article for your RFC, using Template:RFC in the header of the article. This will autocategorize the article, as well as provide a uniform UI for all RFCs.
  • Place Template:RFC link in a relevant section of the target article's talk page, to indicate to readers that the issue is logged here, and link it to your new RFC subpage using its parameters.

Closing an RFC[edit]

When an RFC is resolved in a satisfactory manner, an editor can add the closed parameter to its Template:RFC transclusion. This will remove it from Active RFCs and place it in Resolved RFCs.

Active RFCs[edit]

A list of active RFCs can be reached from here; this list will usually dynamically update as articles are added or removed from the Active RFCs category. If you know or suspect it is out of date, try purging this page.

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