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A number of software projects have become an important part of the Doom Wiki project as hosted at As enthusiastic supporters and users of open-source free software, all customized code supporting the Doom Wiki project has been made available by its developers under libre licensing. These projects are outlined individually below. For information on all of the MediaWiki infrastructure currently deployed on this site, see Special:Version.


A customized unbranded version of the Monaco skin, as originally forked from Wikia by developer Daniel Friesen, is maintained by Quasar and serves as the default skin for the site. Improvements in the custom version deployed here include a reworked article footer section with support for display of a copyright notice and MobileFrontend link; support for Extension:FlaggedRevs; the powerful Widgets 2.0 framework for creating sidebar content through Extension:Gadgets; and various fixes, modernizations, and optimizations for deployment against the newest stable release version of MediaWiki.


A simple custom extension for interfacing with Google Analytics for purpose of analyzing web traffic, referral patterns, and server performance. It simply adds the standard boilerplate script to the bottom of every page, unless the currently logged-in user has the noanalytics permission. The Analytics account to use can be specified in LocalSettings.php via a configuration variable.


A customized fork of Extension:OpenGraphMeta has been deployed which integrates directly with Extension:PageImages to provide automated population of the og:image meta property. This extension provides OpenGraph-compliant meta tags for articles which provide for better social media integration and are a positive signal for search engine ranking.

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