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This is the WikiNode page for the Doom Wiki, the collaborative, community-owned effort to document the universe of id Software's Doom and related games. We take great pride in being an independent entity free of corporate controls, obnoxious ads, and unsightly interfaces, where freedom of information can thrive.

A WikiNode serves as a gateway through the "wikispace", where you can follow links to and from related wikis.

Related wiki projects[edit]

While not directly affiliated, there are many other independent wikis in the Doom community with whom we are closely allied. These wikis and others are occasionally used as source material.


Compatriot wikis[edit]

We consider many of the following sites friends and compatriots in the free wiki universe, many being fellow refugees, and recommend giving them a visit:



The following wikis, networks, and sites have worked together in the past and present to help promote and secure an independent future for wikis across the Internet:

The Doom Wiki
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