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I am trying to get a handle on how I might be able to edit a version of doom and export it as an exe. file that runs on normal windows computers. I know this is possible because the internet artists at have achieved simple messing around with the textures and saved those experiments as downloadable exe. files. Here is the stuff they have made = =

I can't seem to find any simple answers so I thought this might be the right place to put this question

Thanks 22:30, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

Frances xxxx

I think you'll find no simple answers because you do not seem to have clear notions of the technical details involved, and it's not possible to do such things as "edited Windows exes" without first acquiring a mass of technical knowledge about what this means.
The issues with your requests are as follow:
  1. Your examples are obviously not Doom. They look more like Quake to me. Yep, definitely Quake.
  2. Messing with the textures will not create exes. They probably instead messed with the source code -- the Quake source code, that is -- and modified the texture drawing routines.
  3. If you want to do the same thing as they do, the best place to ask your question would be, well, wherever the "Jodi" guys dwell.
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