Doom for the DC


Doom for Dreamcast
Codebase ADoomPPC
Developer(s) Joseph Fenton
Latest release 1.4 (2011-02-27, 13 years ago)
Target Platform Sega Dreamcast
License GNU General Public License v2+
Website Release Thread @ DCEmulation
Source Repository Binaries with Source Code

Doom for Dreamcast is a source port created by Joseph Fenton that was based on ADoomPPC, which was an Amiga port of ADoom.


  • Mouse, keyboard, and joypad controls.
  • Force-feedback (Jump Pack).
  • Stats on the VMU LCD.
  • Load/save options and games from/to VMU.
  • Load up to four DeHackEd patches and patch WAD files per game. (No Boom support)
  • NTSC, PAL, and VGA support.
  • MIDI/MUS music, and stereo sound effects.
  • Latest Doom shareware (v1.9).


Network support allows play against up to three other players across the Internet. On the Dreamcast, the Dreamcast Broadband Adapter and Modem Adapter is required to utilize networking. The read-me file describes how to set up the network options.

Other ports[edit]

While now an older Doom source port in comparison to Doom for Dreamcast, nxDoom has some configuration options some may find useful, and support for tracker music formats (IT, MOD, and XM).




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