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This article is about the original Doom music. For the 2016 game, see Doom (Original Game Soundtrack).
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All of Doom's music was composed by Robert Prince. There are 23 distinct tracks present across the original 3 episodes, with Thy Flesh Consumed not introducing any new tracks.

Unsourced attributions should not be added here. The information below is based on metadata included with the original files, "word of God" from Bobby Prince, or other reliable sources.

Track listing[edit]

Track name MUS Levels Length Inspiration / base
At Doom's Gate D_E1M1 E1M1: Hangar 01:36 Metallica - Master of Puppets [notes 1][notes 2]
The Imp's Song D_E1M2 E1M2: Nuclear Plant 02:35
Dark Halls D_E1M3 E1M3: Toxin Refinery 04:31
Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names) D_E1M4 E1M4: Command Control 02:50 Pantera - Rise
Suspense D_E1M5 E1M5: Phobos Lab 02:43
E4M4: Unruly Evil
On the Hunt D_E1M6 E1M6: Central Processing 01:24
D_E3M6 E3M6: Mt. Erebus
Demons on the Prey D_E1M7 E1M7: Computer Station 02:30
D_E2M5 E2M5: Command Center
D_E3M5 E3M5: Unholy Cathedral
D_E2M5 E4M8: Unto the Cruel
Sign of Evil D_E1M8 E1M8: Phobos Anomaly 02:32
D_E3M4 E3M4: House of Pain
E4M1: Hell Beneath
Hiding the Secrets D_E1M9 E1M9: Military Base 02:17 Alice in Chains - We Die Young [notes 3][notes 4]
D_E3M9 E3M9: Warrens
D_E1M9 E4M9: Fear
I Sawed the Demons D_E2M1 E2M1: Deimos Anomaly 02:32 AC/DC - Big Gun [notes 4][notes 5]
E1M10: Sewers (Xbox)
The Demons from Adrian's Pen D_E2M2 E2M2: Containment Area 02:32
Intermission from DOOM D_E2M3 E2M3: Refinery 03:19 Metallica - Fight Fire with Fire [notes 2]
D_INTER Intermission music
They're Going to Get You D_E2M4 E2M4: Deimos Lab 04:11
E4M6: Against Thee Wickedly
Sinister D_E2M6 E2M6: Halls of the Damned 02:57
E4M7: And Hell Followed
Waltz of the Demons D_E2M7 E2M7: Spawning Vats 01:45
D_E3M7 E3M7: Limbo
D_E2M7 E4M5: They Will Repent
Nobody Told Me About id D_E2M8 E2M8: Tower of Babel 02:55
untitled D_E2M9 E2M9: Fortress of Mystery 01:36 Pantera - Mouth for War
D_E3M1 E3M1: Hell Keep
Donna to the Rescue [notes 6][notes 2] D_E3M2 E3M2: Slough of Despair 01:57 Body Count - Body Count's in the House [notes 7]
E4M2: Perfect Hatred
Deep Into the Code D_E3M3 E3M3: Pandemonium 02:02 Slayer - Behind the Crooked Cross [notes 4]
E4M3: Sever the Wicked
Facing the Spider D_E3M8 E3M8: Dis 01:36 S.O.D. - "Sargent D & the S.O.D."
untitled D_INTRO[notes 8] Title music 00:08?
The End of DOOM D_VICTOR Victory music 03:11
Sweet Little Dead Bunny[notes 9][notes 2] D_BUNNY Endgame music 01:02


  1. The inspiration behind E1M1 - At Doom's Gate has historically been a long-standing issue of discussion and contention among Doom's fanbase. Tracks by bands such as Metallica or Pantera have been suggested as sources, but there was previously no conclusive evidence that supported any particular track. The track itself is based around a generic heavy metal riff, meaning that it sounds similar to many different heavy metal songs. In a 2017 interview, Bobby Prince claimed that it was not inspired by any particular song, and was written before having listened to any heavy metal music.[1] However, in 2023, the source MIDI files were discovered for all Doom and Doom II tracks in the OS/2 port. These contain metadata in a similar manner to the unused songs, and confirm that "At Doom's Gate" was inspired by Metallica's "Master of Puppets". (Doomworld forums thread)
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Information has been derived from the OS/2 version of Doom, which contains the original source MIDIs for both Doom and Doom II.
  3. Uses all the same instrument tracks as un19.mid from the unused songs released by John Romero. The main riff of this song is a slight rearrangement of the unused one, the tempo is augmented slightly and all the singular drum tracks are merged into one, but the song structure, MIDI instrument selection and drums are otherwise kept completely unchanged.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 The inspirations for the tracks noted above are substantiated by metadata comments found in the unreleased MIDI tracks (archived 🏛) released by John Romero, many of which are alternate versions of the MIDI tracks used in Doom. See the article: Musical inspirations behind Doom's music.
  5. Metadata for this song in the OS/2 version also references the Slayer song "Silent Scream"; however, it is suspected this was either only applicable to an earlier version of the song, or was copied to that MIDI from another, as the song in-game bears little if any resemblance.
  6. Also known as "I've Been Hurted By Your Words!" (Doomworld forums thread)
  7. The metadata for an early unused version of Donna to the Rescue references Soundgarden - Outshined as its base, but two other unused MIDIs reference the same song as well, yet sound completely different. The metadata may be a leftover note from a different unused MIDI (un32) that is more clearly based on the track.
  8. The Doom IWAD file includes two title screen MUS lumps, D_INTRO and D_INTROA. The latter is used when using OPL MIDI playback (ie. on an AdLib or Soundblaster card).
  9. Also known as "The Sweet Little Fucked Up Bunny" (Doomworld forums thread)


"Hiding the Secrets", which is present twice in the IWAD, exists in two slightly different versions:

Lump names Size CRC-32
D_E1M9 21266 7462c0df
D_E3M9 21272 be086715

"Demons on the Prey", which is present thrice in the IWAD, exists in two slightly different versions:

Lump names Size CRC-32
D_E1M7 and D_E2M5 8591 46d83cbc
D_E3M5 8597 9409b4ad

"Intermission from Doom", which is present twice in the IWAD, exists in two slightly different versions:

Lump names Size CRC-32
D_INTER 29082 7b6851c1
D_E2M3 29082 166211b7

"Waltz of the Demons", which is present twice in the IWAD, exists in two slightly different versions:

Lump names Size CRC-32
D_E2M7 7015 9b788f57
D_E3M7 7015 b0c3d646
  • The D_E1M7 and D_E2M5 version of "Demons on the Prey" has a cymbal instruction in bar 7 that has a wrong Legato instruction that causes the note to play at the very start of the song in some MIDI players. This is never heard in-game, and the D_E3M5 version of the song does not have this issue.
  • The D_E1M9 version of "Hiding the Secrets" has a broken silence in Channel 10 (percussion) that causes the drums to come in at the very first bar, and play 1 bar early for the rest of the song in some MIDI players. This never happens in-game, and the song plays normally regardless. D_E3M9 does not have this issue, and will play correctly in any instance.
  • "Waltz of the Demons" is the only one with an audible difference in-game: the bass string instrument that comes in at about 10 seconds in is quieter in D_E2M7 than in D_E3M7. (MIDI channel volumes of 80 and 100, respectively.) The other songs have slightly different MIDI data between versions, but nothing that causes a difference in the way they are played.
  • "Nobody Told Me About Id" was used as a base for "Mourning" from Blake Stone: Planet Strike.

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