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The Doom Speed Demo Archive (often abbreviated DSDA, formerly the DooMed Speed Demos Archive) is a website that collects speedruns for various PWADs. It was created by Doug "Opulent" Merrill on September 1st, 2000. From November 12th, 2008 to November 12th, 2019, it was run by Andy Olivera.[1]. On November 12, 2019, Andy announced that he was officially retiring from maintaining the DSDA, and encouraged readers to visit a new incarnation of the DSDA created by speedrunners Kraflab and Zero-Master.[2] One year later on November 11, 2020, Andy's site was shut down.

The current DSDA version was completely rewritten in a modern layout to allow updates by a team of maintainers, support non-Doom games, show detailed demo information such as times in tics, and more.[3] All of the demos from Olivera's DSDA have been mirrored, and more features are being continuously developed, including an API.[4]

As of November 2021, the archive contains over 67,700 demos by more than 930 speedrunners, combining to well over 5,330 hours. It allows many different demo types, expanding on those allowed in Compet-n, such as NoMo, Collector, and Stroller. It also offers tutorials on recording and playing demos, hosts binaries of various source ports and useful utilities. The DSDA lists all players and their contributions to the archive, including total running time.

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