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Doomer Boards (previously Dumbworld) are unofficial discussion forums dedicated to Doom games. The forums use the ProBoards service. Doomer Boards were founded in 2015 by Kontra Kommando. Jon Vail (40oz) acts as its current admin. As of April 9, 2023, the forums have over 690 registered users and over 47,700 posts.


Doomer Boards were founded under name Dumbworld on August 12, 2015, by Kontra Kommando as a board for discussing politics and later to post reviews of Doom modifications.[1] On October 21, 2015, the site was renamed to Doomer Boards. Kontra Kommando passed admin rights to Jon Vail (40oz) on September 23, 2017.[2] In 2018 Doomer Boards Projects were started, which were well received. Two of its installments would later be named runners-up at Cacowards in 2019 (DBP16) and in 2021 (DBP37).


The forums have several sections:

  • Doom News - information about events in different parts of the Doom coommunity;
  • Doom General - for discussing the Doom series and other games by id Software;
  • Doom Projects - for Doom modifications;
  • Thy Flesh Consumed - for off-topic discussions;
  • Music;
  • Console & PC Games;
  • Nirvana - for anime discussions;
  • Mapping Workshop (registered users only);
  • Doomer Boards Project (registered users only) - for the development of Doomer Boards Projects.

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