Doomguy collectible


Doomguy, meet Doomguy.

Doomguy collectibles are secret items that occur in Doom (2016), two per level for a total of 26 figures, which are a reward for exploration. Finding each collectible unlocks a certain model of one of the game's enemies or weapons which are viewable in the menu system.

The Doomguy collectible is an approximately nine-inch-tall action figure, evidently created by the UAC to venerate or to celebrate finding the Doom Slayer. It wears a simplified version of the Praetor suit and comes in various colors. A soft glow is emitted from behind the visor, which is slightly translucent. When picked up, the figures play a chip-tune-styled excerpt of "At Doom's Gate", the theme from E1M1: Hangar in the original Doom.

The Doom Slayer shortly examines each figure when picking it up. Some of the figures elicit different reactions; in particular, finding the Doom marine figure causes him to pose the figure and then perform a stylish fist bump.


Picture Name Unlocks Model Location Notes
Classicguy Imp Site 03 Resembles the Classic Doom Doomguy, with exposed abdomen.
Blueguy Combat shotgun Site 03
Doomguy Doom marine Resource Operations
Bronzeguy Heavy assault rifle Resource Operations
Prototypeguy Plasma rifle Foundry
Vaultguy Possessed engineer Foundry Resembles Vault Boy from Bethesda's Fallout series.
UACguy Hell knight Argent Facility
Stealthguy Rocket launcher Argent Facility
Purpleguy Summoner Argent Energy Tower
Orangeguy Pistol Argent Energy Tower
Astroguy Revenant Kadingir Sanctum
Redguy Mancubus Kadingir Sanctum
Patriotguy Baron of Hell Argent Facility (Destroyed)
Rageguy Cacodemon Argent Facility (Destroyed) Resembles an Authority Enforcer from id Software's Rage.
Phobosguy Super shotgun Advanced Research Complex A figure of Phobos from Quake III Arena in the Praetor style.
Pinkguy Pinky Advanced Research Complex
Eliteguy Olivia Pierce Lazarus Labs Resembles an Elite guard.
Toxicguy Samuel Hayden Lazarus Labs
Keenguy BFG-9000 Titan's Realm Resembles Commander Keen.
Silverguy Cyberdemon Titan's Realm
Tealguy Chainsaw Necropolis
Hazmatguy Gauss cannon Necropolis Resembles a bio-suit zombie from Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil.
Quakeguy Hell guard VEGA Central Processing Resembles Ranger from Quake.
Jungleguy Cyber-mancubus VEGA Central Processing
Cosmoguy Chaingun Argent D'Nur
Goldguy Spider Mastermind Argent D'Nur Unlocks after defeating the final boss.


  • Like much of the 2016 Doom game's concept art, the Doomguy collectibles were designed by Emerson Tung.[1]

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