The base E1M7-derived layout

Doomjà Vu - It's never the same was a contest run by Daniel Gimmer (Tormentor667) and Realm 667 in 2015 between January 15th and March 31st. The aim was to take the simplified layout of E1M7: Computer Station and transform it into a completely new level. Tormentor667 planned prizes for the first five places, but there were only six contestants in total.


  1. Mouldy Old Void by zrrion the insect
  2. Put Up Your Dukes! by Sgt. Shivers
  3. dead.wire by Xaser Acheron, which also won a Cacoward
  4. Black Magnetic by Angry Saint
  5. The Heart of Stone by evil space tomato
  6. Celestial Site by DooMSkeR Scratch

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