Title screen
Author Marisa Lago
Port GZDoom
IWAD Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen
Year 2019
Link ZDoom forum thread
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Doomreal is a gameplay mod for Marisa Lago's Doom Tournament that implements weapons and items from Unreal. Formally starting development in August of 2019, it was created in tandem with its base mod, sharing a large part of its code and assets. Its 1.0 release came out the same exact day as Doom Tournament's, in October of 2019, and its latest released version is 1.1.4 (April 1, 2021). Since November of 2021, the mod is no longer updated. [1]



Apart from all weapons from the original game's lineup, Doomreal additionally attempts to reimplement weapons from early development stages, as well as design documents such as the Unreal Bible. While in some cases there was code and assets that could be re-used, in others, much of the content had to be produced almost from scratch, and many creative liberties were taken in the process.

Original weapons:

  • Dispersion Pistol
  • Automag
  • Stinger
  • ASMD
  • Eightball
  • Flak Cannon
  • Razorjack
  • GES Bio Rifle
  • Rifle
  • Minigun

Restored weapons:

  • Teleport Capsules (aka Teleport Gun, first seen in build 0.867z although not having an actual model until much later)
  • Razorclaw (Repurposed from an unidentified, unnamed model)
  • Protomag (Based on the automag from build 0.83)
  • Quadshot (Again, from build 0.83, although with major changes to its behavior)
  • Stunner (From build 0.867z)
  • Fireblaster (Repurposed from an untextured, barely implemented weapon known as the Flame Gun present in [[tcrf:Proto:Unreal/0.83_Prototypes#Flame_Gun|build 0.83])
  • Flamethrower (From build 0.867z, its model having to be partially redesigned)
  • Impaler (Also from build 0.867z)
  • Peacemaker (Present in build 0.88)
  • Demolisher (Like the Razorclaw, also originating from another unidentified model)
  • Autocannon (Found among the same files as the other two unidentified weapons, potentially an early design of the Minigun)

In addition, the SMP 7243 weapon from the popular mod Oldskool Amp'd is also included, to serve as a BFG replacement.


All of the various items are present and accounted for, such as the many types of health (bandages, health packs, superhealth, fruit), armor (body armor, asbestos/kevlar/toxin suit, shield belt and power shield), powerups (dampener, force field, amplifier, invisibility, jump boots, etc.) and various other utility items (e.g.: flares). Apart from that, the mod also restores the Motion Detector (build 0.867z) as well as the Sentry (build 0.88). In addition, the mod author also included a fully original, more robust version of the Sentry item that behaves more like a truly portable turret, with the ability to be moved, repaired, and have its ammo replenished.


Like Doom Tournament, Doomreal also has different player classes, changing only the model and voice of the player. Each corresponds to the two female and three male character models available in Unreal.

Various weapon and item behaviours are configurable from the mod's options menu, the same menu also providing the option to toggle the restored weapons and items should one prefer to stick to the final game's content. As with the base mod, this one also features various plug-ins, including one that allows the player to use both the Unreal Tournament and Unreal arsenals at once.

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