Doomwire is a multiplayer lobby program for Chocolate Doom created by Russell Rice.

It was created as an alternative to DoomServ a few years after it was shut down.

Overview and Features[edit]

Originally designed for ZDoom, it has now been reoriented around Chocolate Doom because of the author's craving for oldschool deathmatch and cooperative play.

The Doomwire client itself features 4 player games on either a LAN or the Internet, preset config files for loading and saving game setups, GetWAD support, Demo recording and playback, hash checking of client's IWAD, PWAD and Chocolate Doom binaries against the hoster's version, player profiles and the ability to use it as a Single player launcher for Chocolate Doom.


There has been talk of a Cross platform version, however there are no official plans for this yet. The author states that the client has been written in Delphi and would require some work to convert it to another language like C++.


The Doomwire community is very small, almost non-existent. A forum was put up but it was taken down due to lack of activity.