Doomworld Maximum Project 2021


Doomworld Maximum Project 2021
Title screen
Authors Various
Ports Limit-removing, Boom-compatible
Year 2022
Link Doomworld/idgames

Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 is a collaborative mapset for Doom II, to which anyone could have submitted their map, regardless of mapping skill. The project was led by James Caldwell (Obsidian), and started on February 1, 2021.[1] The first beta version was published on November 19, 2022.[2] The WAD was uploaded to the /idgames archive on December 29, 2022. A sequel, Doomworld Maximum Project 2022, was released in 2023.


Custom monsters[edit]


Has 1200 hit points.

Aracnorb queen

Has 2000 hit points.

Archon of Hell

Has 800 hit points.

Baby caco

Has 150 hit points.

Baron 2.0

Has 1000 hit points.

Belphegor clone

Has 1500 hit points.

Blood demon clone

Has 300 hit points.

Cacolantern clone

Has 800 hit points.

Corpse candle

Has 175 hit points.

Crow wander 1L

Has 999 hit points.

Crow wander 1R

Has 999 hit points.


Has 1000 hit points.

Dark devil

Has 160 hit points.


Has 150 hit points.


Has 100 hit points.

Nami dark imp

Has 105 hit points.

Nether dark imp

Has 300 hit points.

Nightmare imp

Has 70 hit points.

Nightmare spectre

Has 300 hit points.

Rocket guy

Has 50 hit points.

Spider imp head

Has 15 hit points.

ST dark imp

Has 110 hit points.

Suicide bomber

Has 80 hit points.


Has 3500 hit points.

Toy spider

Has 50 hit points.

Void dark imp

Has 130 hit points.


Has 600 hit points.

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