DsDoom 3

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DsDoom 3
Title screen
Authors Sniper 109
Port Boom-compatible
Year 2015
Link ZDoom forum post

DsDoom 3 is a 32-level total conversion for Doom II created by Sniper 109 for Boom-compatible ports. DsDoom 3 was created to maintain compatibility with the DS Doom port, which was created to play Doom on Nintendo DS handheld consoles and is based on PrBoom.

As the name of the WAD and the title screen indicate, the mod is heavily based off Doom 3, with its weapons and most of its enemies being closely modeled after that game, featuring new and unique behaviors through DeHackEd. Level themes range from UAC techbases, to computer simulations of several exotic locales, to finally a series of fortresses and canyons in Hell itself.

A beta version was originally released in 2015: it is fully complete but is missing some polish in some of the maps including certain areas not being marked as secrets in the later levels. Another version (also dated from 2015) was later uploaded on the ZDoom thread in 2018, but no more has been heard from the project since, despite its status as being practically finished.


Official trailer

Weapons and monsters[edit]

All new weapons and monsters are based off Doom 3.

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