Duke Meets Doom

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Duke Meets Doom, or Duke Nukem 3D Doom II, is a Duke Nukem 3D total conversion that gives the game a Doom II feeling. Aside from Doom, the TC also gave the game a Shadow Warrior feeling.

Gameplay and features[edit]

The game has many weapons taken from Doom and Doom II, but it also took some weapons from other Build engine games. It also featured Doomguy talking. The enemies are from Doom and Doom II, too. The music isn't from the Doom games, though.


The forces of Hell have invaded the Earth, and the Doomguy is trying to stop them. The Doomguy battled his way through demons and zombies, reaching a portal where he confronted the spiderdemon. The spiderdemon is killed, and the Doomguy teleports to a city where the mancubus is hiding. The town is secured, and the mancubus is killed. The Doomguy teleports to Hell, where he defeated both the arch-vile and the cyberdemon, thus ending the invasion.