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This level occupies the map slot E1M1. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:E1M1.

E1M1: Abandoned Warehouse is the first map in episode The Dark Tower of Masters of Chaos. It was designed by Caleb26 and uses the same music track as Heretic's E1M1: The Docks.


Map of Abandoned Warehouse
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


Kill any gargoyles in front of you and open the door ahead. Kill two more gargoyles waiting behind it and climb the staircase to the top. Turn left and go through the archway, then turn right and walk onto a drain on the floor in front of you. Turn left and walk between the wooden crates then open the door ahead to go outside. Turn right to see two piers in front of you - the east pier on your left holds the blue key.

Backtrack to the top of the staircase you climbed and open the door to the west flanked by blue key gizmos. Kill the nitrogolem behind the door, then follow the steps round. Kill one to three nitrogolems at the top of the staircase (depending on skill level) and press the switch behind them to finish the level.

Other points of interest[edit]

From the docks, head south to a waterfall surrounded by a rock formation. There are two crystal vials and four wand crystals here, which will be useful as this level relies heavily on the Elven wand.


  1. After climbing the steps at the start of the level, go through the archway on your right and head straight forward between a crate and a wooden wall with a torch. Go east and south round the crate in front of you to find a switch. Press it and go back down the staircase you climbed earlier. A hidden door has opened in the south wall, leading to a chamber with a crystal geode and two quartz flasks. (sector 21) Watch out when you climb back up the stairs, as two alcoves will have opened to reveal four gargoyles.
  2. Go down the steps behind the blue door into a small water pool. Crouch down and pass under the opening in the wall on your left to find a cavern with a silver shield and Gauntlets of the Necromancer. (sector 91)
  3. After climbing the stairs at the start of the level, turn left and go through the archway ahead then climb the stairs in front of you, which lead up to a small room with a golem. Open the stone wall in the south-east corner to find an enclosed room with a ghost golem, or three on hard skill levels. Follow the room round to a teleporter which will put you on top of a crate inside the warehouse holding three crystal vials and a shadowsphere. (sector 100)


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Map data[edit]

Things 194
Vertices 1313*
Linedefs 1439
Sidedefs 2321
Sectors 308
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 1148.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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