E1M3: Shooting Range (Strange Aeons)

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This level occupies the map slot E1M3. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:E1M3.

E1M3: Shooting Range is the third map of The Shattered City episode in Strange Aeons, designed by Impie in 2015 and constructed in Doom Builder 2. It is the first map of The Shattered City that does not prominently feature floating structures.


Rain falls on an ominous army base.


The large door opens onto the titular shooting range, and the yellow door -- the key can be seen through the window of the starting area. The smaller door to the left leads to a meeting room full of gunmen, which connects to the yellow key room. You can jump through the window once you grab the keycard. The pile of corpses next to the "targets" has a Green Armor.

The yellow door leads to the barracks, where a platoon of gunmen and Devils lie in ambush. In the green receiving room across from the yellow door is a switch: throw it to open the door to the sewers (and activate a Demon Wizard ambush). There are health items and Green Armor next to the beds if you need them. When you're ready, descend the lift to the sewers.

This area is infested with a family of Glaaki Spawn. Follow the tunnel dead ahead of the lift and take the first left to the circular pool with hanging body parts: when you step into this area, the sludge drains several stories down and leaves you at the mercy of four Glaaki Spawn for several harrowing moments. Eventually the sludge will rise again and allow you to continue. Go left and hit the switch to raise the stairs to the Berserk Pack; it also raises the stairs to the exit, at the end of the leftmost tunnel from the sewer entrance. Take the stairs up to the sealed slipgate and throw the switch to open it: after one final ambush, you may escape the level.


From the spawn point, take the small left door and look at the bushes. One of them is burnt and maimed: use it as a stepladder to go through the window and grab a Rocket Launcher and some Rockets.

Before grabbing the yellow keycard, examine the nearby bookshelves for a Computer Map.

Before going into the sewers, press the switch behind the tech pillar to reveal a hidden pair of Light Amp Goggles.

The secret level E1M9: Haunted Hospital (Strange Aeons) is accessed from this map. The first clue is the sealed door in the barracks that emanates strange, ethereal noises. The second clue is a dead-end sewer tunnel lined with health bonuses, stopping at an elevated area enveloped in darkness. After raising the stairs in the sewer, return to this dead end: sludge stairs have been raised, giving access to a mysterious skull switch (and a berserk pack). The switch opens the sealed door on the first floor, which leads to the secret exit.

Inspiration and development[edit]

This map is the most reminiscent of Chasm: The Rift, mostly due to the limited height elevation and rainy outdoor ambiance.